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Welcome to The PUSH Podcast!

Why PUSH? Because a NUDGE, is just too friendly.

The PUSH Podcast will be your weekly dose for all things Family, Business, & Life.
This podcast is designed to help you get your sh*t together!


Who even are we?

We're Janelle and Eddie Copeland! (So great to meet you!) We've been married for almost 15 years,  been in the baking industry for over 10, we're entrepreneurs, coaches, parents and leaders in our organizations and our community.  

Now, we wanna take everything we've learned, bundle it up into weekly mindset shifting podcast episodes, so that YOU learn from alll our mistakes, and PUSH forward in life and business faster! 

We want to PUSH you towards excellence, and out of that COMFORT ZONE so that you can do the hard, scary sh*t you know you're meant to do!

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"I have learned SO much from Janelle and Eddie! They are so loving, but real and down to earth at the same time. And I would never expect them to sugarcoat anything for us!"

Katey Belflower Lowe

"Janelle and Eddie are very relatable. They have a real family with real issues like other families, they are very open theirs nothing fake about their story. They both come from the corporate world so they are full of information and advice to help anyone from an entrepreneur, to someone who works at the cash register at Kohl’s. They are funny, and lovable. They also give you tough love to help push you into your destiny."

Paula Bullard

"If you are ready for no bull straight talk that will elevate every aspect of your life, the Copeland’s are for you! If not, keep it moving. JK on that last part but also, not really."

Jennifer Harding Hill

"Janelle and Eddie have turned on my bullshit alarm! That alarm is constantly sounding! When I consider a situation from a victim-mindset: BULLSHIT! When I tell myself a story, like "I' can't do it" BULLSHIT! Getting pushed outside my comfort zone HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING."

Melissa Kelly-Hill

"Janelle and Eddie Copeland can encourage, warm your heart, make you laugh and cry...all in the same message.....what they bring to us regularly is real talk that changes lives."

Denise Chambliss

"Janelle and Eddie are two of the realest business coaches out there. They don't sugar coat the process, but as hard as they hit you with the reality of work that needs to be done, they follow up with the most amazing encouragement and motivation to cheer you on through it all!"

Leah Gourlie

"Janelle and Eddie are a life changer for me, they will boost your confidence, they will “push” you out of your comfort Zone and make you believe in yourself!!"

Maha Mohamed

"I have grown exponentially since I started listening to the wisdom share by Janelle and Eddie. They are exactly who I needed to come into my life and give me a kick in the butt!"

Stacie Day-Jones

"Their style and energy is a no brainer. Janelle & Eddie are real-life, real-time coaches who equip me to WIN in my business. They give me the tools, moral support, and real-life experiences that hold me accountable for my success. THEY ARE THE BEST!"

Rosie Delights

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