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Same Storm Different Boat!

Dec 08, 2020

Your mindset is EVERYTHING. 

So much of the way we live life and the approach we have in life comes down to our mindset and our attitude! 

So friend, if you have a shitty attitude, you’re going to attract more negativity into your life. And I don’t want that for you. So this week, Eddie and I are sharing how you can take back control of your mindset and how the right attitude can shape your life. 

Here’s a breakdown to what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • It all comes down to your attitude (04:40)
  • What's your attitude around basic things in life? (11:13)
  • Making the best of the hand that life deals you (16:51)
  • Becoming a master sailor when a storm hits (18:43)
  • Developing the skill of role modeling from successful people (24:49)
  • Creating an attitude that allows you to be more successful (29:10)
  • This week's PUSH challenge (43:37)

We know 2020 has been tough. We’ve had our fair share of uphill battles and slaps in the face, but we haven’t faltered. So many life changing experiences have happened that we’re still dealing with and processing today, but because of our attitude and approach towards life, we’ve been able to sail the storm we’re all facing right now. 

So I want to encourage you to think about the attitude you have when living life? Are you optimistic? Do you try and see the positive in each situation? Or do you immediately turn away when things get tough? 

Whatever attitude you choose to adopt during this season is going to determine how well you sail this storm friend. 

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode! 

Happy Listening! 


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