hey there!

I am a wife, a mother to 3 daughters, entrepreneur, a fitness and health enthusiast, (but also a FAT GIRL FOODIE at heart), an artist, an educator, a lover of all things pretty, and so much more!

You may have heard of my award winning Los Angeles bakery because i've been on (and has won) all of the Food Network shows... Cupcake Wars, Cake Wars and a few others. 

I started my business when I was broke and jobless… YET, The Cake Mamas has grown it into a 7 figure empire over the past 10 years! I now help business owners create AMAZING BRANDS and profitable businesses they love, without working their faces off!

My superpower is helping others see their full potential by giving them the strategies, tools and confidence they need to bring their dreams to life. 


from then to now…

In 2009, my business partner, Fabiola and I started our journey to break the pattern of bickering and feuding amongst blended families. Particularly amongst Mom and Stepmom duos. Mainly because, Fab was the EX, and I am the NEW wife. Yep, you read right!

So, with the support of our kids and families, together we founded The Cake Mamas bakery, a baked goods company that allowed us to showcase our talents, (both baking and decorating). In addition to our philanthropic efforts for our respective and neighboring communities, our business allowed us to share our story and represent positive images of mixed/blended families. Surprisingly, our story and family quickly became the focal point of our business and helped inspire others to develop their own personal relationships within THEIR families. We’ve been honored and blessed to have connected with some wonderful people who share our same family dynamics and care about putting their kids first. We’ve been featured in magazines, invited on talk shows, radio shows and even scouted (MANY) times for our own reality show. These are all things and opportunities we are extremely grateful for.

Sorrowfully, after many years together, we announced the termination of our business partnership. As many of you know, running a business has its own set of strenuous challenges. Couple that with an ULTRA unlikely partnership, and all the complexities of day to day operations and life, and any partnership is bound to experience difficult times and their share of irreconcilable differences. So, in August 2012 we decided it was in the best interest of our family for us to focus on being great parents, as opposed to great business partners. HOWEVER, we will continue to co-parent, provide a loving and healthy environment, and serve as role models for our children.

As sole owner and creative director, I am excited to continue to push The Cake Mamas brand towards new successes and focus on community involvement and the company’s philanthropic efforts, which was what we originally set out to achieve. The Cake Mamas will continue to focus on fostering positive relationships within mixed families and will continue to serve as role models for mixed and blended families. Our passion is inspiring women and young girls to follow their dreams, and be passionate about growing, learning and realizing their full potential.

xoxo Janelle Copeland Logo.png