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Should you open a STOREFRONT in 2024?

Jun 18, 2024

So long are the dreams of opening a storefront?  Now more than ever, I’ve noticed more and more conversations amongst home bakers who are “giving up” their lifelong dreams of opening a storefront. WHY? Well, there are obvious reasons like the overhead and payroll but the one reason I’ve seen pop up more frequently is this idea of FREEDOM. Like WFH employees, Home Bakers have the luxury of working in their home, without the stresses and HUGE bills of operating a storefront. The thing most small business owners forget is when you continue to take orders, promote your business, and say yes to more customers, you are simultaneously GROWING your business whether you like it or want it. So eventually, you’re going to hit a wall in terms of your capacity (aka the amount of orders you can take and HOW MUCH MONEY you can make).

Ultimately, it’s going to require you to PIVOT in one direction or another.

With that in mind, do you pivot towards a...

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Winning Strategies for Small Business Owners to Succeed at Pop-Ups, Farmers Markets, and Events

Jun 11, 2024

Summer is OFFICIALLY here friends, which means it’s time for Pop-Ups, Farmer’s Markets, and Event season! I am a HUGE proponent of attending all the events you can and getting out into your community whether you’re just starting out in your business or you’re a 10-year vet with a successful storefront! Whether you’re a baker, hairstylist, balloon artist, DIY enthusiast, or an artist, these venues provide a unique platform to connect with potential clients, test new products, and build brand awareness. So, to help you WIN at your next event here are some strategies and tips to help you make the most of these opportunities.


  1. Research is everything! One of the biggest mistakes I see with business owners starting out and wanting to get into events and pop-ups is they immediately sign up WITHOUT researching the event. You have to understand the demographics of the event attendees, the typical foot traffic, and the kind of vendors that...
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10 lessons of SUCCESSFUL Small Business Owners

Jun 04, 2024

If you’re reading this searching for a secret formula or hidden shortcut that will instantly make your business a multi-million dollar success story overnight, you might as well stop reading and go back to scrolling cause you’re not gonna get that here.


BUT what I will give you is 10 simple lessons that I’ve learned from other SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs and business owners that I’ve actually implemented in my own life that made a difference.

So, if you’re ready for some REAL advice that could actually work for you then keep on reading!

  1. Adopt the “LET THEM” theory: Mel Robbins talks about this idea often but to keep it short, the “Let Them” theory is the idea that you simply let others do what they will and that’s it. You simply “Let them” live their lives the way they're gonna live it. And don’t let the way they live their lives dictate HOW you live yours. Life is too short to give your...
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Must-Have Supplies for Bakery Owners Dreaming of a Storefront

May 28, 2024

Hey friend,

So, you've been baking it up in your home kitchen, and now you're ready to take your passion and everything you’ve built to the next level – opening your own storefront. Congrats sis! But before you dive into this next phase of your business, let's talk about the essential supplies you'll need to make your bakery dreams a reality.

As you know being a business owner is no easy task. It takes passion, perseverance, HUSTLE, and a whole lot of resourcefulness. But let me tell you, the journey is worth it. From working with countless students to collaborating with fellow business owners, I've seen firsthand that success comes to those who are willing to PUSH past the B.S., and make their dreams happen.

Now, let's get down to business. Here are the must-have supplies you’ll need for your dream bakery:

  1. Commercial Grade Oven: Your home oven got you to where you are today, but it's time to upgrade to a commercial-grade oven. This powerhouse will be able to...
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Is your business ruining your HEALTH?

May 21, 2024

I remember it was around Valentine’s Day, my staff had gone home for the night, it was about one in the morning, and I was cramping really bad, to the point that I should have taken myself to the hospital but because it was Valentine’s Day season in my bakery, I put it off. Looking back now, I’m pretty sure I was having a miscarriage. Fast forward, I never did anything about it in the moment but a few weeks after that things had escalated and I had to have a DNC.

I wanna have a little heart to heart for my business girlies who often skip lunch, skip the gym, put off doctors' appointments, and get caught up in the never-ending cycle of building/growing a business.

Your business is NOTHING without you and your health.

In the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I remember being in that HUSTLE hard mentality and my health took a huge hit.

I wasn’t eating healthy, I was running on fumes, I would put off going to the gym or going to doctor appointments because...

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8 Winning Strategies for Small Business Owners during Slow Months

May 14, 2024

People think Entrepreneurship and running a business is GLAMOROUS. You get to make your own hours, you’re your own boss, you get to do what you want whenever you want. BUT the one thing people forget to mention is that you are the LAST PERSON to get paid!

So when business feels SLOW, it can be a frustrating, debilitating, anxiety-filled, and uncertain time. (Don’t worry, I’m gonna share 8 winning strategies you can implement to help you navigate these slow months in a sec, so keep on reading!)

You start to question your entire existence and purpose. You question if you’re worthy of success… if there is something better out there for you… if you’re good enough.

But from my experience of running 2 businesses for over a DECADE, through a pandemic, and a recession- when my sales started to dip there were ALWAYS a couple of factors at play. Sometimes it was because my offers weren’t enticing enough. Sometimes it was because I...

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How To Get People To Buy WHAT Youโ€™re Selling!

May 07, 2024

Mother’s Day is right around the corner friend! And if you haven’t been planning, preparing, and PROMOTING for the last 4-6 weeks you definitely MISSED the mark! But don’t stress! We can still make some sales happen!

Here’s the truth…

Conditioning your clients is a HUGE part of your success when it comes to Holiday Offerings and new product launches. But the most important thing is creating an OFFER or product that exudes VALUE and meets a pain point or DESIRE for your ideal client.

 Creating a product that solves a PROBLEM that your customers don’t even know they have to is the FIRST STEP to making your product a NO-BRAINER purchase.

But before developing your products, deciding on menu options, or narrowing down what to sell, you have to consider how to SOLVE THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS and/or DESIRES for your customers.

And this is HOW you’re gonna do that:


This is critical to the success of your business,...

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Friends, Family, & Entrepreneurship!

Apr 30, 2024

The mindset of an ENTREPRENEUR is DIFFERENT than the mindset of an employee…


When you surround yourself with people who have the same mindset as you, the conversations are different.

They support you. The sympathize with you. And not saying your friends and family can’t do that… BUT when you’re able to turn to a fellow aspiring entrepreneur for support, they just GET IT!

This is a HUGE part of why I do what I do. COMMUNITY is UNDERRATED and UNDER APPRECIATED in the world of entrepreneurship.

Running a business is LONELY AF…

I had ZERO friends when I first started my business. Simply because I was SO BUSY trying to do something that 90% of people in the world don’t want to do.

Most days and nights, I was struggling in silence trying to build my business into something that could make money. (And if you know anything about my story, then you know it HAD TO WORK!)

I was tired, overwhelmed, and had NO ENERGY to pour into...

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When deliveries go WRONG!

Apr 23, 2024

How to handle HORRIBLE deliveries!

What if I told you we DROPPED THIS CAKE?! …

The customer looks happy with it, right? Well, IT’S FAKE because we had a DELIVERY CATASTROPHE with the “real cake” during transport… 112 degrees, middle of the summer, over an hour of traffic, AND… a CAR ACCIDENT!  

The cake not only flew around the back of my trunk, (and was COMPLETELY DESTROYED) but it also melted! So… we had to get resourceful, round up 50 cupcakes from the bakery (to compensate for dessert servings), then recreate the cake on DUMMY FOAMS in record-breaking time, in order to deliver it to the customer, and not COMPLETELY RUIN her event! AND then we also refunded her order…


No one wants to ever experience a delivery gone wrong but unfortunately, it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not.

So, what do you do when SH*T goes wrong?

Let’s talk about it!

First up, delayed deliveries. Traffic...

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How to RESPOND to Customers When They Don't Want to Pay Your Price

Apr 16, 2024

We've all heard it before... "you're out of my budget," OR "Omg, that's so expensive!" This can be frustrating as a business owner BUT it's our job to articulate and educate our customers WHY our prices are what they are. It's not just about defending your prices; it's about confidently conveying the value of what you bring to the table.

So how do you do that? Keep on reading to learn how to respond to customers when they don't wanna pay your price like a boss.

First things first, practicing valuing your self-worth is vital. If you don't believe in the value of what you're offering, how can you expect customers to? Every small business owner needs to build a foundation of confidence in their products and services and in THEMSELVES. And the only way to do this is through taking action.

Remember, objections aren't personal attacks against YOU; they are opportunities for you to educate and enlighten your customers. This was a lesson I learned firsthand in my own business. Was I crazy...

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