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10 Micro Shifts That Can Make A HUGE Difference In Your Life!

Dec 10, 2019

Download the 10 Micro Shifts That Can Make A HUGE Difference In Your Life FREEBIE!

Have you ever thought about what things YOU could accomplish, if you dropped the B.S. and really thought about what habits you should drop and which ones you should keep? 


Do you wish you could accomplish all those goals you just thought about overnight? 


Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that; but YOU can adopt small habits that will result in MASSIVE change over time! 


Believe it or not, trying to make a massive change immediately can result in NEGATIVE results! You’re probably asking why that it is? Because, as individuals, if we don’t see results overnight we get discouraged! We wanna quit. We feel like we’re wasting our time. But friends, I’m here to tell you everything takes TIME! 


So wouldn’t you agree, small change that results in massive growth sounds better than massive change that ends in...

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Leaving All Your B.S. in 2019

Dec 03, 2019

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Hey Friends! 

There is officially 28 days LEFT in this DECADE!!! Feeling stressed yet??? 


And if you said, YES, that’s okay! Because NOW is the time to really sit and REFLECT about this year and decide what you’re going to take with you into the NEW DECADE and what you’re going to leave behind! 


To help, I want to talk to you about the ABC’S! And no, I’m not talking about the alphabet I’m talking about “ALWAYS BE CLOSING”! 


During this most recent episode of the PUSH Podcast, we went in DEEP about the ABC’S, so if you want to listen in depth about those just make sure to head on over to the episode above! 


Back to the ABC’S and what this means for you and reflecting on the year, you should be using your “ABC’S” to determine HOW you’re going to close out the year!

So let’s get into...

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Chaos vs. Joy: How to PUSH through the Holidays

Nov 25, 2019



Let’s talk holidays! 

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the holidays! Decorating the house, spending time with family, and of course; the FOOD!! For me it’s all about FOOD and FAMILY! Seriously, I keep my Thanksgiving menu and grocery list in my phone 24/7, all year round! 


But with all the amazing things I love about the holiday season it can become chaotic! 

From the shopping, crowds, traffic and the MILLION things that seems like it needs to get done before the holidays; we can lose some of that magic and joy that comes along with the holiday season! 


For my family, we ALWAYS make it a priority to come together and spend as much time together during this time of year, especially with our busy schedules. 


With the chaos surrounding the holidays, I want to share a few of my tips and tricks to surviving the season!

As I mentioned before, FAMILY is a key part of the holiday season for me! One thing that...

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YOU ARE ENOUGH! How To PUSH Past Your Insecurities

Nov 19, 2019


What's It About...


“Let me clean your glasses,” because SIS, you are ENOUGH!! 

This is something that came out of my 14 year old daughter’s mouth after telling me about a conversation she had with a fellow classmate about how she looked.


Even at 14 years old, the issue of self-worth is a struggle. Even more so with women. Looking back at raising my three daughters; 5th grade was about the age I noticed the “switch” in all of them! 


Self-Worth is something we ALL struggle with at some point in our lives! Even the most confident people on the planet have struggled with self-worth and to be honest, it doesn’t matter what age you are; 45, 50, even 60 years old, we all can struggle with confidence. 


It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed to share. Instead, let’s talk about self worth and HOW you can transform that insecurity and manifest CONFIDENCE!

If you know me personally or have...

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Can You FIRE Your Husband?!

Nov 12, 2019


What's It About...

One of the BIGGEST questions I get all the time is “How do you and Eddie work so well together?” Well let me tell you friend, working with your spouse isn’t all it’s made out to be. 


From an outsider perspective, it may look like we have the perfect relationship; we own a successful business, we have 3 beautiful daughters and still manage to spend time doing the things that are important to us. However, there is A LOT behind the scenes that you all don’t see. 


I’m here to tell you first hand that working with your spouse really TESTS you. Once you add the term “co-worker” to the mix things can get ugly real quick! 

Don’t get me wrong, working with Eddie is amazing and he is the best business partner. Loving and sharing a life experience with your soulmate is one of the most amazing, magical experiences. BUT, there are times I want to kill him lol. 


It takes...

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How To Give Less F*cks

Nov 05, 2019

What's It About...

This is the first step into living a more free life!

For this episode, we brought you guys the ultimate guide to make more space into your life for the things that truly matter.


We are going to teach you how to give less fucks!


How can you actually develop a brand new mindset to giving less of a fuck?


Most people don’t realize how many toxic behaviors they’re carrying with themselves all the time and honestly, it is a sad thing to witness.


That’s why we, the Copelands, have a mission of trying to improve your lives by simply teaching you to give less of a fuck.


You may think this sounds silly or trivial, but this can be HUGE for your life!


When you can let go of...

caring what people think

being worried about things you can't control

falling into what people see as normal


...you can make big strides in your life and start to find TRUE happiness.


Here are the 14...

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Stuck AF, How To PUSH Through

Nov 05, 2019

What's It About...

With this DECADE coming to a close, it's easy to get STUCK in a routine! 


It's easy to fall into this feeling of hopelessness… 


It’s easy to fall into a NEGATIVE state of mind that NOTHING is going to happen for you… 

That you’ll NEVER get out of this season… 


Constantly living in the “what if” or “when will this” happen, questioning EVERYTHING you’ve done up until this point!


If your feeling like this, STOP NOW and listen… 


We’ve ALL been there! It may feel like this season will never end but it WILL! And guess what, It’s not impossible to get out of...


But I promise you will NEVER get out of this state of mind until you are READY to receive what you are ASKING for! 


You not only have to PREACH it but you have to ACT on it! Now you're probably wondering HOW to do that? 


Well i’m here to...

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How I Built My Business With Absolutely Nothing

Nov 01, 2019

What's It About...

Let’s time travel!


In this episode, we are taking you back to the year 2009 - the year I decided to start my own business out of absolutely nothing.  


But before we even get to that moment, Eddie and I are going to explain some of the reasons why we had to completely reinvent ourselves and let go of some of our biggest dreams. Yea, you read that right - we had to walk away from some of our dreams.


Imagine that you’re starting a life with your partner in a new home, with a new baby, a recently acquired mortgage and you both going on their way up in the corporate ladder. 


Now imagine that the country is going through one of the worst financial periods in history and you both lose your jobs at the same time.


Now, you...

 are struggling financially

you can’t afford your mortgage anymore

your relationship is being strained

and there is no other option for you other than staying home taking...

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How And Why You'll Ruin Your Kids No Matter What You Do

Oct 31, 2019

What's It About...

If we told you that, no matter how hard you try to be the perfect parent, you're going to ruin your child - how would that make you feel?

In the 4th episode of this podcast, we are jumping right into one of those topics that people don't like talking about.

Parenting. That's the topic of our conversation today.

We are sharing some of our most important bits of knowledge about parenting and, we've figured out that the best way to do it, is by tracking down those outstandingly significant experiences that all of us had with our parents that marked our path into becoming the parents that we are today.

We think that stepping back and looking deep into your own childhood can have some of the best lessons on how you should raise your child.

This doesn't mean copy/paste everything your parents did to your kids.

That's a recipe for disaster. 

Just like we discussed in our episode on marriage, the world of today is way different than the world you were raised in, so...

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Love, Marriage... And Divorce

Oct 29, 2019


What's It About...


Whether you are married or not - you NEED to listen to this episode! 


There is so much that people don’t ever seem to mention about marriage. It seems to either be all sunshine and roses or dark and doom.


And with how fast everything is changing in our current society - i.e. social media, technology, societal norms, etc - nothing you read and were thought that isn’t based on information in the last few years is useless.


Marriage is such a complex thing and you must go into knowing a few things.


One of those is - there will be A LOT of things you do NOT agree on.


And that’s ok.


We’ve had countless disagreements over the course of our marriage including things like, how do we discipline our kids and how we deal with crying babies. And whether it was the kids arguing or them crying as babies - we had one rule.


The Golden Rule: Anything we do or say to each other, we must be...

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