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10 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life!

Nov 10, 2020

Do you ever wish we were given a handbook on HOW to live life??? I definitely do! 

Unfortunately, life isn’t supposed to be that easy. In fact, life is more like playing a game and it’s our job to figure out what “game” we’re trying to play in whatever season we’re in. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • You gotta use it or lose it (09:10)
  • Life is unfair (13:16)
  • Learn how to play the game of life (17:41)
  • Don't look to have your dreams validated (24:53)
  • Friends are relative to where you are in life (30:17)
  • Your potential on increases with age (34:30)
  • There are no wrong decisions (36:39)
  • Life is not supposed to be comfortable (39:32)
  • You'll spend the bulk of your life wasting time (44:29)
  • Anything worthwhile takes practice (48:21)

When you get old it’s like the only thing people ask you is if you have any regrets. You start to think about everything you’ve accomplished and the experiences you’ve had and you question if your life was fulfilling. 

That’s why Eddie and I decided to come up with the 10 lessons that we’ve learned so far in life that some people forget as we get older. When we’re young, we get so caught up in what our life is supposed to look like. We fall into the “timeline” that society tells us is appropriate (especially as women). The thing is when we get so caught up in what our lives are “supposed” to look like, we lose track of the experiences we’re blessed to have right now in the moment. 

This is only ONE of the key lessons we share on this week's episode! If you’re a young listener, please accept this gift from us as a reality check that you’re doing just fine! And if you’re “past your prime” then friend there is still plenty of time and opportunity to live your life all out. 

Happy Listening friend! 


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