HEy girl, heyyy!
i'm janelle copeland

I teach entrepreneurs how to create baking businesses THEY LOVE! I’d love to teach you how to remove the roadblocks that are holding you back. Struggling with TIME MANAGEMENT?


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Cake Cents is a community for bakers to improve their business skills. Filled with positive and uplifting content, this group is an amazing FREE resource to begin up-leveling your business in order to no longer feel overworked and underpaid. You will have access to over 3,500 other bakers around the world!



Our signature 8-week master class will give you all the “HOWTO's”, along with step by-step instruction and coaching for implementation. Includes all the insight and tools you’ll need to get your business on the right track, and on the path to profitability! Perfect for the go-getter with an open mind.



(You must be a PTP Alumni to attend) Each retreat will be a small, intimate group of up to 15 women. We’ll come TOGETHER, under one roof for 4 days and 3 nights of fun, connection and masterminding.

The idea behind the overall retreat is to create REAL LIFE connections and create an UNFORGETTABLE experience for you!

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Struggling to get your business moving in the right direction? Consulting is for those looking to completely redefine processes, assess your branding, improve on your personal leadership skills, develop sales strategies, menu/product redevelopment, etc. For those business owners in need of immediate change, accountability, and guidance.

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This evening, I sit here wondering at how the universe works. I put out 2 ads on fb marketplace, and have gotten two sales today from it, all paid in full. I sent out menus, invoices, and all this stuff I wouldn’t have had ready or known I really needed before PTP. Prices were non negotiable; and no flinching from me. Like WHAAAAATT? I may be new, but I sure have and am growing.
— Minerva Quan Martin

“Since joining PTP i have learned SO much that I would’ve never received elsewhere. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that PTP has not only helped with my business it has helped me with life. The changes I can see in my sales is enormous. I went from a contact here and there about and order to booked every week with a cake or dessert table. My followers on IG increased by 40. My confidence in giving a quote and being okay with it has grown immensely. I’m no longer trying to make everyone my customer. I’m sure whatever it is you are working on now is going to be awesome. You are Gold!”
— Kristy Castellanos Ehoff
So I have been doing my affirmations, speaking and thinking positive. I have begun the transition to the bakery I see in my future. In the short time of this course I have grown and so has my business. I have money in the bank and I just booked the 2, yes 2 of the biggest cake orders I have ever booked! The profit on one of these cakes is actually more than I have charged in the past!!! I love this course and I want to jump up and down screaming right now. I just walked around my house like Rocky with my Fists in the air. Thank you Janelle and Eddie!!
— Lauren Warmke

PTP has not only changed my business but my mindset about my life too. We just made a big sale this week. The biggest I’ve ever made. It was so awesome to know that there are people who will pay for your work.
— Mirla Jackson