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I'm an Artist, Educator, Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, and Founder of The Cake Mamas.


Because let's face it... If you're not making money, your business doesn't make sense.

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BLOG POST #5: Are you focusing on daily annoyances or focused on you GOALS?

Jun 29, 2018

Thursday Thoughts... 

Where do you spend your energy?... 
Are you focusing on daily annoyances or focused on you GOALS?

Life is what you make it! You can not always control your circumstance, BUT you can control how you deal with things.

I have noticed a lot of joking and complaining about clients with Pinterest dreams, but Walmart budgets. YES this sucks and I get how this can be annoying‍...

But why waste so much time on them???...Dwelling on the negative, and perpetuating your frustrations??? Where exactly does that get you??? How exactly does that fix your situation???

When a customer declines to do business with you, or declines your prices or offerings, they are simply choosing to not be your client. And that’s that.‍

Nike doesn’t complain about al the customers who prefer to shop at Adidas.. Instead, they move on and focus on attracting the clients they need to stay in business.

One key tip I can...

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BLOG POST #9: Where are YOU focusing your energy?

May 17, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

How are YOU asking questions? Where are YOU focusing your energy?

In the same vain of last week's Thursday Thoughts, where we discussed why it’s UNPRODUCTIVE to complain about clients who simply can not afford you... I want to challenge you to reflect on what you complain about. (Both, in LIFE and in BUSINESS).

When you make a 'vent' or 'rant' post in this group (which P.S. is NOT at all what this group is for), where does that get you??

When you complain in your everyday life, where does that get you???

What you focus on is what you will attract. If you are constantly complaining about your customers and the struggles of owning a business, how does that reflect on you?

What that tells me is that YOU HAVE NOOOOO IDEA what hard work it is to be a business owner! You have NOOOO IDEA the amount of roadblocks and difficulties you’ll be faced with as a business owner! But it also tells me that it’s likely you won’t even make it to...

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BLOG POST #8: Get out of the box!

May 02, 2018

See this: 

It’s a BOX.

You know what happens every time you try to step outside of it???

1. You freak out, get scared, can’t stand being UNCOMFORTABLE, then you jump right back into it! Right where it’s SAFE.


2. You freak out, get scared, can’t stand being UNCOMFORTABLE, make your way back to the box, maybe even put one foot back INTO the box, BUT THEN
....Then you talk yourself OUT of climbing back in the box! (Probably because you see my face lookin at you crazy!)... So then you Man/WOMAN-UP, turn around, start to slowly inch your way away from that box, REALIZE you’re ok, realize you HAVENT DIED YET, look back at the box, then turn away, take ONE STEP away from it, and then BOOM! ....


Something that would have NEEEEEVVVVVER happened if you were inside of that stupid freaken box!!! 

And then just like THAT, you’re like, “OMG!... It was soooo worth it!I’ve been MISSING OUT on LIFE...

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Apr 10, 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed by this week’s tasks?
Are you stressed about ALL the STUFF you have to do???
Are you racking your brain on how to drive sales? What emails to follow up on? What invoices to send out?

Are you spacing out about what to do next?
Are you distracted and spending time on things you KNOW you shouldn’t?…

Having a cluttered brain that wants to do it ALL can usually result in doing ‘busy’ work, (*work that makes you "LOOK" BUSY, but is really just getting you nowhere).


Let me say that again: 
Focussing on the things that will actually move you CLOSER to your sales goals, or the things that truly need to get done, is the only way to see true RESULTS.

BUSY people are rarely successful.

Why you ask?… Because BUSY PEOPLE are so “busy” trying to juggle things, that they don’t have much TRUE FOCUS....

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BLOG POST #1: There is a COST associated with everything good in life.

Mar 19, 2018

I don’t even know if this makes sense… But this is the message I woke up with on my heart for you guys…

There is a COST associated with everything good in life. 

Whether you realize it or not, EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted came with a PRICE TAG. 

Sometimes things cost you HARD WORK.

Sometimes things cost you PAIN / GREIF.

Sometimes things cost you MONEY.

Sometimes things cost you PERSISTENCE.

Sometimes it was a LESSON, or even loss, or EMBARRASSMENT.

So... ask yourself this?

What’s the PRICE you’re willing to pay for DRASTIC CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION in your life??? 

Are you willing to get up a little earlier?
Sleep a little less?
Pay more attention to IMPORTANT THINGS? 
Give up your distractions? 
Take control of your thoughts? 
RISE ABOVE your emotions? 
Control your FEELINGS? (“I don’t FEEL like working out, eating healthy, getting organized, managing my finances better, etc.) 
Create new...

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BLOG POST #15: International Women's Day

Mar 08, 2018

#InternationalWomensDay 3 years ago was the day I announced on my business page I was prepping for a bodybuilding competition.

I used it as an excuse to give me the courage I needed to put myself out there.

I was working REALLY HARD, juggling a business, being a mom, meal prepping, gym time and just LIFE! Yet I was afraid that people would judge me... That other women would judge me.

Afraid that they would think I was conceited, or “into myself”.

The sad thing is, I WAS RIGHT! After I posted it, women left passive aggressive comments like “Oh I wish I could find the time to workout, but my kids need me”. (As though MY KIDS didn’t need me..? Or they implied that my priorities we screwed up...)

That’s when I realized I would never make myself small again.‍‍‍

If I was working hard at something, and someone had a problem with my hustle, or my goals, I thought, “Well, that’s a YOU PROBLEM!”‍

As I look back at...

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BLOG POST #10: Wondering who I am?

Jan 01, 2018

Owner and Founder of The Cake Mamas, an award-winning bakery in Glendora, California! I’d love for you to hang out, get to know me a little better and learn a little more about MY STORY. Not because I’m like, “OH, look at me, I’m sooo great!”, but because I believe EVERYONE has a story! A story individual to NO ONE ELSE but YOU. A story based on YOUR experiences, obstacles, tragedies, victories, and everything in between!


So here’s a little of mine…

I’m a wife, a mother to 3 daughters, an artist, a businesswoman who PASSIONATELY advocates for women to be BADASS!!! (Oh, and I occasionally cuss. *If that’s not your thang, then no hard feelings, -Girl, Bye;) I believe in spreading kindness, I believe we should all get along, ESPECIALLY in the cake world, because let’s be real… The Cake World is comprised of mostly WOMEN. And you do know what they say about women, right???


“Women are petty....

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Dec 16, 2017


I am a wife, a mother to 3 daughters, entrepreneur, a fitness and health enthusiast, (but also a FAT GIRL FOODIE at heart), an artist, an educator, a lover of all things pretty, and so much more!

You may have heard of my award winning Los Angeles bakery because i've been on (and has won) all of the Food Network shows... Cupcake Wars, Cake Wars and a few others. 

I started my business when she was broke and jobless, but The Cake Mamas has grown it into a 7 figure empire over the past 8 years! I help business owners create amazing brands and profitable businesses they love, without working their faces off!

My superpower is helping others see their full potential by giving them the strategies and confidence they need to bring their dreams to life. 



In 2009, my business partner, Fabiola and I started our journey to break the pattern of bickering and feuding amongst blended families. Particularly amongst Mom and Stepmom...

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