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When To Quit & When To Rest

May 26, 2020

It’s okay to NOT be okay. 


For the past couple of months, I’ve been GO GO GO and now I’m just tired, overworked and overwhelmed.


I’ve experienced some of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I’ve been constantly on the go and I’ve realized that I’ve made myself, my joy, and my happiness; my lowest priority. I’m completely BURNT OUT and I just had to take a break. 


So this week, I wanted to talk to you guys about when is the time to quit and when is the time to rest. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • You can't always be in a state of motivation and drive (02:39)
  • Understanding the trigger points that make you feel like giving up (04:32)
  • Why sticking to a routine helps you avoid overworking and burnouts (12:19)
  • Finding an outlet to recharge to avoid becoming obsessed with one thing (14:20)
  • Asking yourself questions to identify your trigger points (22:38)
  • What things rob your joy and deplete your energy? (23:50)
  • You should not quit because you got tired (29:38)
  • Changing your aspirational values as you grow and wanting different things in life (35:59)

No one really knows the answer to “when” is the right time but it’s important to acknowledge how you’re feeling and WHY you’re feeling the way you are. Without this recognition, we can drive ourselves past the point of return. 


Friends, just know that it’s okay to not have the answer. It’s okay to just keep pushing forward until you do have the answer. It’s also okay to take a break and really sit with yourself and your thoughts and allow yourself the time to receive the answer. 


My challenge for you is to get in touch with yourself. Find what brings you happiness, peace, and joy. Find out what energizes you. Find what you look forward to. And really ask yourself, “does this decision make sense for what I want for my future?” 


Happy Listening Friends! 

Listener Spotlight Of The Week


Thanks so much for your review Chiantae! We’re so glad you found an awesome take-away from this past episode. The fear of failure is one thing that will hold you hostage for as long as you let it. It’s easier said than done but if you can find a way to center yourself and really focus on the present, you’ll be on your way to altering your mindset. I would challenge you to find something; a hobby, or activity that brings you joy and peace and set an intention to do this activity everyday to help you release that negative energy. In the meantime, I hope you keep listening and find value in every episode! Thanks again! 

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