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RACISM In The Copeland Household!

Jun 04, 2020


If you’re NOT talking to your children about what’s going on right now, that’s  PRIVILEGE. 


Being able to NOT look at and acknowledge what is happening is a PRIVILEGE. 


Before we sat down to record this episode of the PUSH podcast, we attended a protest in L.A., as a family. With our teenage daughters because WE, as a family, WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We don't want to just watch from home while others are fighting for injustice. And we don't think that “sending prayers” is enough. We want to DEMAND CHANGE. 


Know that not all protests are violent. So don’t believe everything you see on T.V. 

In fact, 99% of people are really trying to protest against INEQUALITY. It’s the 1% that resort to vandalism and destruction. -NOT SOMETHING WE CONDONE. 


It was extremely emotional for all of us to be there… 

We cried for at least the first 30 mins of the march. For a few reasons: 

  1. WHY… WHY on earth are we still fighting against racial injustice in 2020!? 
  2. The hundreds of people that walked in solidarity, who all LOOKED DIFFERENT, who were different races and colors, and backgrounds, who honked and cheered and came together was absolutely beautiful! 


This past week has been full of emotions. I’ve sat in my thoughts. I’ve had multiple discussions with friends, family members, even fellow business owners and I can’t help but feel a calling to STEP UP and STAND UP for what’s right. 


Now’s not the time to rest! Now’s not the time to stand back and NOT take a stance for those in need! 

WE STAND in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism, white supremacy, and the historic oppression of the Black community! 


Our nation, our communities and our brothers and sisters are hurting. NOW is the time to make our voices heard, and open ourselves and our hearts up to having uncomfortable and difficult, *but necessary*conversations. 


We believe in fighting for what’s right. 

We believe that ALL cops are NOT racists. 

We also KNOW that all black people are NOT THUGS. 


Let’s start by TRYING to soften our hearts to the pain that others are experiencing, and by walking in each other’s shoes for just a moment. 

We’re sharing all our views and conversations that we’re having in our household and I hope that you hear this week’s episode and feel the need to TAKE ACTION, not matter how big or how small. 


Xoxo, Janelle


What You Can Do To Take Action  


  • George Floyd Memorial Fund
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Color Of Change
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund
  • Black Visions Collective
  • Run With Maud
  • Justice For Breonna
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • National Bail Fund Network
  • Reclaim The Block 
  • Communities United Against Police Brutality
  • Campaign Zero 



  • Call DA MIKE FREEMAN in Minnesota (612-348-550), MAYOR JACOB FREY (612-673-2100), MINNEAPOLIS POLICE STATION( 612-673-3000) and demand prosecution to: 
    • Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) 
    • Tou Thoa( Badge #7162) 
  • Text FLOYD to 55-156
  • Text JUSTICE to 66-8336
  • Text ENOUGH to 55-165
  • Leave a message for Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor 502-574-2003



  • Films
    • 13th (Netflix) 
    • American Son (Netflix) 
    • Dear White People (Netflix) 
    • See You Yesterday (Netflix) 
    • When They See Us (Netflix) 
    • The Hate U Give (Hulu)
    • If Beale Street Could Talk (Hulu) 
  • Books
    • Black Feminist Thought- Patrcia Hill Collins
    • Me and White Supremacy- Layla F. Saad
    • Raising Our Hands-Jenna Arnold
    • How to be an Antiracist- Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
  • Podcasts
    • 1619
    • About Race
    • Seeing White 



  • Check in with your black friends, family, partners, and colleagues. 
  • Educate yourself by reading, watching, and listening
  • Screenshot, share, repost resources to educate others
  • Actively support anti-racist and black-owned businesses and organizations
  • Be an ally and advocate long-term
  • Donate (if you have the means) to anti-racist initiatives you care about


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