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How I Got 2.7 Million Followers

Jun 30, 2020

The way you envision your life doesn’t always go as planned. As humans we do it all the time. We decide on a goal, life plans, and how we envision the journey to get there; and then in an instant, nothing goes as you pictured it. 


Our guest on this week’s PUSH, Amber Spiegel knows exactly what that feels like. But her determination and constant focus on what she wanted to do for her life kept her from falling into the hole failure. 


We’re talking to Amber about her story and how she won the hearts of 2.7 MILLION people, and how her pivot in her career led to her finding her true passion and purpose in the baking community. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie, Amber, and I discussed… 


  • How Amber combined her love for baking and art to find her passion (01:43)
  • Getting a dream job at Wilton but realizing it limited her creativity (04:54)
  • Finding your passion and chasing it with laser focus (09:35)
  • Investing in tons of time to figure out what works (12:32)
  • Amber’s recipe for success (14:48)
  • How cookie decorating helps her deal with anxiety (18:50)
  • Finding inspiration from things around you (21:14)
  • Overcoming challenges and pushing through while pursuing your passion (25:39)


Amber’s story is one of resilience, determination, focus and humanity. Even though she’s built an empire and has gained millions of followers, Amber is a symbol that any amount of success is achievable with consistency, focus, and passion. Proving that even though your life may not be heading the direction you envisioned; more often than not, the new direction is 10 times better than the way you imagined.


Hear the full story on this week’s episode of the PUSH podcast!

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