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8 Critical Skills That Will SAVE YOUR LIFE

May 12, 2020

To achieve growth in life, you have to be in pursuit of something. Whether that something is health, wealth, love, or positive habits; in order to grow you must look forward to something big in the future that you can continually work on right now. 


When you recenter your focus on what it is that you want to achieve, you’ll find that you will do anything and everything to achieve it. The sacrifices and the delayed gratification won’t feel as heavy as they were before. Why? Because you’ll now have a daily routine to help you stay accountable. You’ll dive into new and better things that will help shape your mindset to achieve and retain the success you dream of. 


That’s why in this special episode of the PUSH podcast we’re giving you access to one of our coaching calls with our most recent group of 30-day challenge members. We’re diving into the eight critical skills that will SAVE your life, especially now during quarantine. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Why you should always be in pursuit of something to achieve growth in life (04:20)
  • Having a daily routine in your pursuit of success (11:03)
  • Learning the skills of selling yourself, presentation and storytelling to influence other people (19:14)
  • Learning how to learn through the five-hour rule (38:52)
  • How to compounding knowledge and monetize it (43:02)
  • Learn how money works (45:17)
  • Learning how to write effectively to improve your communication (50:32)
  • Quieting your thoughts and improving your focus through meditation (52:41)
  • Learning and improving your negations skills (58:00)
  • Replacing bad habits with good ones (1:08:32)
  • Learning how to take good care of your body through flexibility (1:14:36)


This is your inside look into HOW we’re getting through this difficult time and HOW we’re helping others like you focus on your personal development and growth right now in order to come out this situation stronger and better than ever. 


We hope you find some value in this week’s episode and really take notes on HOW you can become stronger out of this quarantine and take these skills and use them in your new daily routine! 


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