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Are You Stuck Or Pushing Through?

Apr 28, 2020

This episode is such a special one for us, not only because it’s about PUSHING those who are feeling stuck but we’ve invited on some very special people to share their story of fear, failure and ultimately SUCCESS! 


On this episode of the PUSH podcast, we’re bringing on two of our tribe members who are former students of our Passion To Profit masterclass. Andrea and Briana are a mother-daughter duo who BOTH own incredible businesses, Cake By Gala Bakery and Brewja Coffee. 


Both their businesses were hit HARD by the Coronavirus. They CLOSED their doors to their customers. Had just spent over thousands of dollars in inventory, let go of ALL their employees and didn’t know what to do or what to say to their customers and community members. 


After only a few days of being closed to the public, Briana had an idea that would change BOTH their businesses forever! 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • The people who are most frustrated by the Coronavirus pandemic (02:55)
  • The importance of thinking about how we're doing business today (08:33)
  • Selling coffee by the liter and selling out (10:25)
  • Adopting a let's see what happens type of attitude (13:39)
  • Pushing on even when things are not going as planned (17:53)
  • Hustling hard to keep delivering products to people during this time (21:22)
  • The cost of success and the lessons they learned through the pain (23:36)
  • How the Coronavirus pandemic sped up Briana’s business growth by two years (30:22)
  • Finding a way to be of service with a gift, talent, or skill and leveraging the resources around us (34:12)


In short, check out this episode to hear how Briana and Andrea made over $10,000 in less than 3 hours and have completely pivoted the way they’re doing business during this pandemic and WHAT this means for their businesses in the future. 


Friends, let this be a reminder that NOW is the time to get creative and innovate whether you’re working from home, unemployed or are just riding the wave and praying for things to get back to “normal.” 


Their story is proof that you’re DREAMS don’t have to die! 


We hope you LOVE this week’s episode! 

Happy Listening! 

Thanks so much for your review Esther. We’re glad you PUSHED past the fear of what you would feel after listening and embraced learning something new about yourself. Now you can PUSH forward and continue to challenge yourself in ways you never thought you could. Thanks so much for listening and keep on PUSHING! 

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