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The SH*T you can’t say!

Nov 03, 2020

It’s ELECTION DAY! And we decided enough is enough...

Why is it that as people we’re so filtered all the damn time! 

We’re so worried that we’re gonna piss someone off because of our own opinions. We avoid certain topics because it’s gotten to a point where relationships fall apart, family members don’t speak, and division becomes more and more of a “normalcy”. 

So today Eddie and I decided, to F* the haters and just say the sh*t you aren’t supposed to say! 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…

  • Why as a society we have become so politically polarized (12:31)
  • Cognitive dissonance and doubling down on our political choices (15:13)
  • Showing empathy to people who struggle with things you haven't experienced (17:07)
  • Voting on values and positive change (18:13)
  • How to talk with your children about politics (20:26)
  • Listening to different perspectives to understand where someone is coming from (23:16)
  • Every single American is qualified to state their opinion (31:50)
  • How to keep yourself and your family emotionally safe (32:32)
  • Exercising your right to vote (33:45)

As a society, we have become so politically polarized that we can't talk about politics without getting emotional and angry at each other. It’s at a point now that if you don’t agree with one side or another, we can’t have relationships. 

However, this shouldn’t  be the case. We can have opposing views and political perspectives while still being friends and be able to share WHY it is we feel the way we do. Hearing other perspectives will help you understand where they are coming from even when you don't agree with them.

Relationships are possible even though we may believe in different things. So why is it that when we talk about polarizing topics it turns into a “right and wrong” conversation. 

To be honest, I’m over it and we’re READY to talk about all the sh*t you “can’t” say! 

Happy Listening Friend! 

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