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How To Be A Quitter

Mar 10, 2020

In life, most of us grow up in a society where the term failure carries a negative meaning. If we fail we immediately take the idea of failure and make it meaningful to our own identity. We start telling ourselves, “you failed because you’re not smart,” or “you failed because you’re not pretty enough.” 


From a young age, we’re told that we have to follow a specific path that will lead to our purpose and what we’re supposed to do in life. We stick to what we’re comfortable and what we’re good at because failure isn’t an option. We know that if we stick in our comfort zones that we will continually be successful. But when we do that, we sacrifice our future selves and what we could be. 


We stick to this idea of conformity so much that it’s nearly impossible to leave what we have, to try something else that can make us happy and more fulfilled.


In this episode, we sit down with Goli Kalkhoran,a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur and the host of the Lessons from a Quitter Podcast. As a lawyer, she was stressed, overworked and unfulfilled in her daily life. In 2014, she took a leap of faith, left her law firm and discovered a new passion in entrepreneurship.  


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • Lawyer turned entrepreneur and how important it is to quit when it’s necessary (02:53)
  • The misleading frameworks of society that lead people into the wrong careers  (08:12)
  • The meaning people attach to failure and how that keeps them from trying new things (13:49)
  • How we rob ourselves of happiness by living a life that we’re not happy in (19:29)
  • The role that the “Seasons of life” played in helping Goli’s with her shift (26:38)
  • As human beings, we need growth and change (28:41)
  • Being honest with ourselves and making the decision to quit and try something new (37:32)
  • Try and fail at things and you’re not going to die (40:42)
  • We are living in the greatest time in history to start a side hustle (43:27)
  • You will not have success without failure (49:09)


This episode is for those of you who are struggling with that next step in your life. Whether you should remain in your comfort zone (one that you know has structure and a safety net) or if you should take your own leap of faith and go all in on discovering your true purpose. 


I want to remind you all, it’s okay to pivot at any time in your life and Goli is no exception to that. Today we’re taking some lessons from a quitter and we can’t wait for you to hear her story and HOW she came out on top. 


Happy Listening! 


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