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How To Push Past Rejection!

Feb 25, 2020

“Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; it means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer” -Mark Amend 


We all suffer from rejection! Rejection in relationships, rejection in the workplace, and even rejection of ourselves! Rejection is what you make of it. 


You can either look at rejection as being not good enough or not deserving. Or you can look at rejection as the universe simply telling you, not yet. 


So many of us choose to suffer in our comfort zones, unhappy, and feeling a lack of motivation throughout our daily lives because we are so scared to face rejection. We’re terrified of the consequences we “might” face; the disapproval of our ideas, the lack of belief in our ideas, and being told you’re not good enough or deserving. 


We seek answers on how to push past rejection, when in reality the only way to become confident is to be REJECTED! Imagine being told no hundreds of times over again, eventually you’re going to get used to being told no. All it takes is a simple perspective shift! If you decided that every time you were told no that it just meant one more door being knocked down leading to that YES the possibilities would be endless! 


To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed…

  • The day that grown men cried: thoughts and reflections on Kobe’s tragedy (01:14)
  • What in the world: being called a liar by a stranger (09:16)
  • The meaning of “Pushing past rejection” (12:14)
  • The consequences of the fear of rejection (13:22)
  • Examples of what people are afraid of being rejected (16:37)
  • Addressing the challenges that LGBTQ people face today (19:37)
  • I would rather live with rejection than regret (24:11)
  • On how rejection actually helps you to build confidence (31:48)
  • How to get fueled by rejection (34:42)
  • Disassociate yourself from the thing you’re being rejected from (38:51)
  • Takeaways for overcoming rejection (40:26)
  • Fast fire tips to overcome rejection (50:36)


We make it sound easier than it is but really the only way to PUSH past rejection is to face it! Otherwise you’re going to be STUCK and questioning everything! You’ll turn angry, you’ll become resentful, and you’ll never GROW! 


Growth comes from rejection, being uncomfortable, and doing scary things! How do you expect to grow if you contain yourself to your comfort zone? 

You have to decide to PUSH forward and go after your dreams friends! We promise you won’t die from rejection! 


Keep Pushing friends! 


Happy Listening! 

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