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YOU ARE ENOUGH! How To PUSH Past Your Insecurities

Nov 19, 2019


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“Let me clean your glasses,” because SIS, you are ENOUGH!! 

This is something that came out of my 14 year old daughter’s mouth after telling me about a conversation she had with a fellow classmate about how she looked.


Even at 14 years old, the issue of self-worth is a struggle. Even more so with women. Looking back at raising my three daughters; 5th grade was about the age I noticed the “switch” in all of them! 


Self-Worth is something we ALL struggle with at some point in our lives! Even the most confident people on the planet have struggled with self-worth and to be honest, it doesn’t matter what age you are; 45, 50, even 60 years old, we all can struggle with confidence. 


It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed to share. Instead, let’s talk about self worth and HOW you can transform that insecurity and manifest CONFIDENCE!

If you know me personally or have been following me for a long time, then you know I consider myself a confident person. And I’m not afraid to say that. However, I believe any of YOU can be a confident person! And if your sitting there reading this in denial telling yourself you aren’t good enough, then you’re only saying that because your comfort zone is what’s keeping you from becoming the most confident person you can be.


It’s natural for us as human beings to fall into mediocrity. We become accustomed to routine and become complacent. And we’re okay with that, because it’s comfortable. But how do you expect to become more confident in multiple aspects of your life unless you actually audition for the role you're fighting for. If you want to level up, whether that’s in life or in business, you can’t be afraid of failure. 


Growing up, I never fit into one specific group of people. I was never in the “cool kids club”. I never fell into a stereotypical crowd. I didn’t fit in with my race and I didn’t fit in socio- economically. 


We didn’t have money growing up and from that I learned I to hustle at a young age. I went to the high school where they filmed “90210,” just to give you an idea of the crowd of people I grew up around. But trust me, I didn’t have the resources or the money these kids had. 


Growing up in that environment, I made it a mission for me to be MORE than enough as a wife, as a mother and that I would excel in anything I had full control over. 


I was scrappy. I was in survival mode my whole childhood and into my adulthood. 


So when you tell yourself that you’ll never be able to have the confidence to make something happen or accomplish your goals, remember that people with this insane amount of confidence; that you're jealous of, its because they’ve spent years developing it.

So you can’t hate on it!


You have to move forward by being the person you want to be. You have to OWN it. Not only in your personal life but in your business! 


By altering your mindset to adopt more of a GROWTH mentality, you’ll see that confidence manifest within you. You will no longer need permission or affirmation that you’re doing the right thing or making the right decisions. 


Confident people see resources in things that other people who aren’t don’t see! They put one foot in front of the other and use the resources they are offered to their advantage. 


And if you say you don’t have the resources, then that’s a lie. You have the resources; you just have a lack of resourcefulness. 


So I'll leave you with this. Confidence is built around your habits. Confidence is something that you feel. 


In order to be CONFIDENT, you need to be COMFORTABLE with the uncomfortable. 


Even if you don’t feel confident right now, KNOW that you are ENOUGH! You are WORTHY and you are never limited to accomplishing your goals! Just put one foot in front of the other and remember that it’s okay to fail. 



P.s. If you want to know what CONFIDENT people don’t do, check out this article and let me know how many you check off on this list!

You can check out the article here:


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