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4 BAD HABITS That Destroy Your Life

Jan 07, 2020


Have you checked YOURSELF recently? Now is the perfect time to take note of your attitude and behaviors as we start the new decade! 


Trust me, I know how hard it can be to JUDGE ourselves; but friends, how else do you expect to GROW in 2020 if you don’t look at the one thing holding you back… YOU! 


If you haven’t yet (GET ON IT) we’re helping you by laying out the 4 BAD HABITS that could be destroying your life! We’re discussing everything from addiction, goal setting and so much more! 


No need to stress because we’re giving you the tools to acknowledge these behaviors and make the change so you can start the new year strong! 


PLUS, we’re PUSHING you to work on your new year’s resolutions, staying committed to your goals, and focusing on WHO you want to be this year! 


Remember, this is the Push Podcast and we’re here to PUSH you to GROW! We gotta give some tough love here and there. 


If your ready for some tough love make sure to check out this episode of the Push Podcast! 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed…

  • Catching up with the new year’s energy and a quick recap of the episodes you must hear to land gracefully in 2020 (01:04)
  • What’s your most recent form of addiction and how is it ruining your life? (06:10)
  • Never exercising any discipline. The second bad habit that is ruining your life (18:45)
  • Make an inventory around where you’re spending your time (24:21)
  • Not having any goals. The third bad habit that is ruining your life (27:39)
  • Acknowledge the toxic people in your life and get rid of the fourth bad habit that ruins your life (36:12)


We hope you love this week’s episode! Happy Listening! 


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