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7 Tips For Better Time Management

May 03, 2021

Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed? 

If you said yes, then trust me friend, you’re not alone! 

More often than not if you find yourself constantly overwhelmed it’s because you’re normally devoting your time and energy into things that aren’t necessarily productive in your life. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Why time is worth much more than money (16:45)
  • The thieves stealing your time and productivity (17:52)
  • Are you saying yes to too many things? Learn how to say no (20:05)
  • How to create boundless energy as an entrepreneur (25:50)
  • The power of journaling as a time management tool (31:43)
  • How to take inventory of your time, commitments, and distractions (35:02)
  • Why you need specific goals and priorities (39:24)
  • The Pomodoro Technique of time blocking explained (42:20)
  • Are you stuck? Focus on this one thing (50:46)

In this episode, Eddie and I point out some of the things robbing you of time and how to eliminate them from your life. We also share some tips to help you be more productive, whether it be in work, business or family so you can get back focusing on your goals. 

As you listen you’ll find out that with most of these tips, time management is really about managing yourself and the things you allow in your life. If you have a problem saying no, then you’ll find yourself in a constant state of overwhelm and on a never ending hamster wheel of shit to do. 

We are simply asking you to be stingy with your time and set boundaries around the things that are important to you. 

Listen in this week to learn how to improve your time management and increase your productivity. Remember, time is not money. Time is worth MORE than money.  

Happy Listening! 

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