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Mental Health: What are you doing to have a healthier mind?

Sep 07, 2021

This episode has been a long time coming friends.  

This week we're talking about mental health and given our cultural environment right now, COVID, everything that’s going on around the world, and all the other life challenges we get thrown at us; it’s more important than ever to make our mental health a priority. 

You hear society always talk about physical health when in reality, mental health is just as important if not more. 

After going through a year of lock-up and not knowing what the future may hold, the toll on our mental health as a country has skyrocketed. That’s why in this episode we wanted to share some proactive ways we can all hopefully use to cope and get back to feeling a sense of normalcy. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Talk about your feelings (10:51)
  • Get yourself moving to create energy (14:54)
  • Focus on fueling your body (20:33)
  • Rest and recover (28:10)
  • Do something you are good at to create confidence (29:03)
  • Don’t struggle in silence (37:41)
  • Establish your non-negotiables 31:43)
  • Be of service to someone who needs help (40:10)


Taking care of our mental health is an integral part of staying healthy. With everything that has been happening with the pandemic and other life stressors, it’s so easy to struggle with our mentalities and emotions. 


Even though we are not mental health practitioners, we thought it would be a good discussion to have because our mindset’s control so much of our outlook on life. 


The thing is, when we have a poor outlook or we feel like life is against us and we have no motivation or energy; it’s easy to fall into a state of hopelessness and we want this episode to bring light to the mental health crisis and share some best practices that we’ve used to help us get through this time. 

We created a downloadable checklist for the eight best mental health practices so you can go through the checklist and listen along with us. You can download your checklist here! 

As you go through this list we want you to remember that you shouldn’t struggle in silence. Seek help and you’re not alone. 


Anyone’s mental health can suffer, and most of us will at some point in our lives. These are practices that have worked for us but may not work you. But we wanted to share them with you in the hopes that if you are struggling you find comfort in knowing that there are ways to cope and heal. 


We’re here for you, friend and we’re sending you love and encouragement, no matter what you’re going through in this season! 


Happy Listening! 


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