Friends...How many of us have them? Signup

Friends...How many of us have them?

Jul 14, 2020

Friendships are pretty tricky aren’t they? 

There’s seasons for every type of friendship. It’s almost as if you have to put them into categories. You have your friends that you grew up with (the ones you share the BIG memories with), your work friends, your gym friends, friends in your neighborhood or friends from church. 


Then there’s the friends that represent what stage of life you’re in. There are your growth friends who are all about growing and mindset work and practicing higher level thinking. There’s your party friends who you just wanna go out with on a Friday night. Then there’s the friends you go to when you just need to feel vulnerable and vent about a shitty situation. 


One thing they all have in common though is that each relationship is meaningful, no matter the category. Meaningful relationships require effort, attention to detail and need to be nurtured. 


This week we’re discussing friendships and giving you the opportunity to self-reflect and really ask yourself: “Are you a good friend?”


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Friendships must be nurtured; you must reach out to friends (04:49)
  • Everybody desires deeper connections and meaningful friendships (07:31)
  • Friendships and meaningful relationships are the antidotes to mental health problems (08:17)
  • Instances where you might have to cut off some friends (16:07)
  • Outgrowing old friendships and meeting new people who bring out different things in you (18:29)
  • Cherishing friends you share a special connection with (23:07)
  • Is the reason you don’t have meaningful relationships because you are not a good friend yourself (26:19)
  • How Janelle is good at finding and building new friendships (27:38)
  • Why it is more important to reach out to your friends during this pandemic (28:39)
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to meet new people (29:53)

With the crisis of mental health being at the forefront of many discussions, healthy relationships and friendships are key especially during a time when we are farther apart now more than ever from our loved ones. Healthy relationships push you to grow, they want you to succeed, they don’t judge you when being vulnerable. The push you to reach for your goals, no matter how audacious or outrageous. 

Although there are some instances which may result in cutting people out of our lives, relationships that leave us unfulfilled and don’t meet our needs. I truly believe that in life we are meant to outgrow relationships. Relationships that no longer serve where we’re trying to take our lives. In life,we’re supposed to meet new friends and create new relationships in every season. However, this is your reminder that although life may get hectic and we make new relationships and develop new connections, you still have to nurture the relationships that are a bit older but still meaningful. 

So today, in a time when we’re distant from our friends not because we have a choice but because we have too, reach out and send a text, schedule a zoom date and make it known how important they are to you. 

Happy Listening Friends! 


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