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The Kanye CONFIDENCE Code-10 Tips To Help You Build Insane Kayne-like Confidence!

Mar 01, 2022

Reading the title of this blog, you either are all about it because you wanna learn tips on how to be more confident or you're curious why we’re talking about Kayne West. 

So here’s the tea… 

I’m personally not a fan of Kayne West but I am curious about people and their behaviors and the way they operate so when we recently watched the new Kayne West documentary on Netflix, called, “Jeen Yuhs,” we immediately knew we had to talk about it on the podcast! 

One reason is because a lot of people are polarized by Kayne. They either think he’s narcissistic, egotistical, or cocky; while others think he’s literally a GENIUS. The second reason is because after watching his documentary, which he started 20 years ago before he was even a rapper, we were mind-blown by the unprecedented amount of self-confidence he had; so much so that we were inspired to pull 10 tips to help you BUILD more confidence. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…

  • Confidence is the missing element (03:19)
  • You got to be super audacious (06:58) 
  • Have a support system (10:11)
  • Courage to look foolish (13:04)
  • Unmatched work ethic – practice practice practice (16:32)
  • Move with urgency towards your opportunities (18:35)
  • Speak and act as if (21:14)
  • Vocalize it and visualize it (26:18)
  • Unwavering self-belief (32:33)
  • Self-appoint/ordain yourself as the best (35:33)
  • Understand your own value (38:40)


In this episode, we're sharing ten tips we can all learn from Kanye West's UNPRECEDENTED level of self-confidence.


If you know anything about Kanye West, then you'll know that the man is not short of confidence. His extreme confidence and self-belief are significant factors for his success in music and in business. Even when not many people believed in him, his self-belief did not waver and this is perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from yeezy himself. 


Confidence is about taking ACTION and just doing. In order to build up confidence you have to be willing to fail a couple a times and keep getting back up. 


In this episode, we hope you’ll take away a new perspective on your own self-confidence and learn some practical tools to help you implement greater self-worth and build up your self-esteem. 


Enjoy this episode! 

Happy listening!

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