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Stop Being So Judgmental! How Your Opinions of Others Is Blocking You From Blessings!

Apr 07, 2020

Have you ever considered that your next blessing is being blocked because of your ability to be open-minded? 


Think about the amount of times you’ve put yourself in an uncomfortable situation on purpose? How many times have you gone about your daily routine and have purposely chosen to sit next to someone at a coffee shop or a car wash, who didn’t look like you? Or even sit on an airplane next to someone because they look different from you? 


Oftentimes, we avoid any type of situation that “may” potentially put us in an uncomfortable situation. We’re comfortable sitting next to and spending time with others who look and represent themselves like ourselves. Your vibe attracts your tribe right? But when you open your mind up to the possibilities of meeting and interacting with someone who doesn’t represent what you do, you open yourself up possibly learning a new culture or learning about new routines or even job opportunities. 


To give you a better idea here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • We all have an internal point system that we judge people on (03:02)
  • The antidote of being judgmental is curiosity (04:19)
  • What in the world: False ancestries and and judgement on ancestry (08:26)
  • The blessing on a flight from an Amazon warehouse builder who looked more like a thug (15:46)
  • The anatomy of judgment is that we use it to help consolidate the world (20:13)
  • We miss out on special moments because we go with our first judgment (21:37)
  • Hanging with a gazillionaire and not knowing (25:27)
  • The sadness in resisting what others can bring to the table (31:20)
  • A growth mindset versus a narrow mindset (33:43)
  • How to know if you’re being judgmental with someone (36:33)
  • Cheering family and friends on and watching them accomplish amazing things (42:10)
  • Can you move about your life with less judgment and be more childlike? (46:51)


Although we consider ourselves open minded and non-judgmental (simply because of the judgment we’ve encountered), there have definitely been moments where we were judgmental of others; my BROTHER-IN LAW for instance. 

To hear that full story you’ll just have to listen to this episode. 

Long story short, the purpose of this week's episode is to remind you that sometimes our opinions of others are our inability to be unbiased, block us from opportunities and blessings to meet people who can impact our lives in positive ways. 

We hope you love this week's episode! Happy Listening! 


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