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A Manual To Manifest Your Dream Life With Eric John Campbell!

Sep 21, 2021

We all know of this thing called “manifestation,” at least I hope we’ve all heard of it, because really it’s a game changer. 

If you haven't, here is what “manifestation” means according to good ole Wikipedia: “Manifestation refers to various pseudoscientific self-help strategies intended to bring about a personal goal, primarily by focusing one's thoughts upon the desired outcome. The techniques are based on the law of attraction of New Thought spirituality.” 

To break it down manifestation is simply focusing your attention on your desires and essentially you’re using your thoughts to attract what it is you’re turning your attention to. 

Or even simpler… “where your attention goes, energy flows”. 

I know it may sound, “woo woo” or a little out there and trust me, I felt the same way a few years ago, until I experienced it for myself. It may sound weird  and hard to understand but to me, it’s almost like magic. 

To help us break it down and explain the power of manifestation and WHY you need it in your life is my new friend, Eric John Campbell.  He is a Tik Tok star and a soon-to-be published author, he also teaches people about the power of attention, which he goes more in-depth on in his new book releasing October 1st, 2021. 


In this episode, we discuss the power of intention, attention, and Eric is sharing his thoughts and experiences to help us all live a dream life.

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…

  • Where you focus goes-your energy goes (06:08)
  • How energy attracts success (12:08)
  • Perspective helps to maintain a high frequency (18:59)
  • Whatever you focus your attention on will grow (25:43)
  • How to frame things in a more optimistic light (26:11)
  • The universe has our back (29:09)
  • Success isn’t something you work hard for… it’s something you attract (31:54)

In a world full of distractions, it's easy to find ourselves not paying attention to what we really want in life. When we are constantly faced with problems and stress, it’s hard to think about anything other than our current problems. When that happens, our attention and focus is being poured into more problems and worries instead of our dreams and desires. Hence, attracting more negativity. 

Eric, myself, and Eddie are here to tell you that the dream life we all desire is available to you; you just have to pour your attention and energy into the things you desire versus your current circumstance. When we connect with this feeling and align our energy with our heart's greatest desire, then success comes easy, versus feeling like we have to overwork ourselves in order to achieve what we truly want in life. 

Listen in to hear how to manifest your dream life and learn all about how attention and energy all come together to attract success. 

Push Through! 

For more info on Eric John Campbell: 

Follow him on TikTok at: @ericjohncampbell 

Visit his website: ericjohncampbell.com 

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