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Nov 24, 2020

When was the last time you had courage?

I was recently asked this question and to be honest it was so hard for me to think of something because in my opinion I’m courageous everyday! It’s just who I am as an individual. The shit I’ve gone through has forced me to PUSH through life on a daily basis so when I’m faced with adversity I do see it as being courageous. 

I’m not aware of it and I think most of the time, neither are you. We don’t think about courage in the moment because really we’re just taking action for something that we have to do. But courage comes in so many different ways. 

During this week’s PUSH, Eddie and I shared what it means to be courageous and how this newly discovered courage can lead to more confidence. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…

  • How often do your exercise courage in your life (13:38)
  • How to talk yourself into more courage (17:29)
  • Gaining courage by focusing on the consequences of inaction (20:30)
  • Focusing on the positive outcomes to summon courage (22:33)
  • Finding blessings in the negative things that happen in life (28:47)
  • How to summon courage for the big things (30:46)
  • How parents can instill courage in their children (45:44)

So this week friend, I wanna share a recipe for courage that I recently came across. It all comes down to three simple ingredients: 

1) Communicate with yourself 

2) Think of the consequences of your actions

3) Focus on positive outcomes 

When you take all three into account in your daily life you’ll recognize just how much courage and confidence you’ve developed. 

Click play on this week’s episode as we discuss these three steps in detail and show you how to exercise courage in your day to day life, which helps you summon courage for the bigger and better things! 

Happy Listening! 


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