How To Get Your SHIFT TOGETHER! With Anthony Trucks Signup

How To Get Your SHIFT TOGETHER! With Anthony Trucks

Mar 31, 2020

It’s time to get your SHIFT together! 


We’re so excited to bring on our special guest, Anthony Trucks! 


Anthony is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, SHIFT coach, and former NFL-player who has been through his share of circumstances. From growing up in foster care to being dropped by the NFL, Anthony has found his purpose in helping others learn their identities and navigate life’s shifts, good and bad.


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • Learning how to overcome adversity and going for our dreams no matter what (5:56) 
  • Common failure, version failure, and predicted failure, and the harm in making them abject (7:12) 
  • Avoiding the emotional space of opportunistic joy by not talking aspiration (13:25) 
  • How we create either a strong or weak mindset and having the confidence to show up for ourselves (16:42) 
  • Getting to a point where success is your second nature (22:20) 
  • Showing people the bridge to cross to the other side of the river (25:09) 
  • The importance of giving ourselves permission to do better (27:21) 
  • Overcoming an identity crisis to become the man that he is today (31:52) 
  • The reactive identity shift we are having to face as a society right now (39:42) 
  • Going through a huge reset so we can have great ideas once the Coronavirus situation is done (45:27) 


This week we’re so excited to share Anthony’s incredible story of resilience and tenacity and how he continues to PUSH through life no matter the circumstances. He’s sharing his story with us in the hopes that we’ll learn how to “Make Shift Happen” in our lives so that we can achieve happiness, success, and fulfillment. 


We hope you love this week’s episode! 


Happy Listening! 


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