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What to do when life is NOT going your way!

Mar 08, 2022

I think we can all agree that life isn’t in any way shape or form easy. In fact it’s the exact opposite. Life is freaking HARD. No one gives you a manual for it and you just kinda have to wing it as you go. But that’s also the beauty in life. 

So the question is, “what do you do when life is just NOT going your way?” 

Do you crumble at the thought of getting out of bed in the morning? Do you fake your way through the bullshit? Do you power through and trust that everything will work out in the end? 

Everyone copes with obstacles and challenges differently but what we’ve found is that ignoring and hiding from our problems will only lead us to breaking down; physically and mentally. 

Would you agree? 

Life is full of challenges and sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard we try; things just feel like they’re piling on top of us. We’ve definitely been there and it can also feel really lonely. 

 We wanted to bring this up because mental health has been a HUGE ISSUE that’s taken a front seat recently; specifically therapy. 

 Some people think of therapy as the END of all; meaning they only go to therapy as a last ditch effort, when really therapy and counseling are healthy and effective ways to deal with tough situations.

 So, this week on the PUSH podcast we wanted to bring on our friend and special guest, Julia Kristina. She is a registered clinical counselor and therapist who has grown her own small counseling practice into a TEAM of several mental health professionals who are all focused on having tough conversations to help push people forward. 

On top of running her own practice she is a mindset coach, a mom of small children, a speaker, a Youtube sensation with over 285,000 subscribers and is now an AUTHOR! 

In this episode, we invited Julia to share with us the power of opening up to a skilled professional, the pros of therapy, how to PUSH through when life feels heavy,  and how sharing your life’s challenges, and difficulties can significantly improve your mental health and well being. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie, Julia, and I discussed… 

  • What in the world (02:47)
  • When to go to the therapy (09:17)
  • Therapy is a process of change, not a big AHA moment (12:45)
  • The brain is a complex machine with no manual (17:37)
  • Dealing with shame (23:33)
  • What self-compassion look like (25:25)
  • Don’t base your worth on made-up scenarios (26:24)
  • How tenacious are you (30:29)
  • Growth, not perfection (37:40)
  • Be kind to yourself (40:54)

When life doesn’t go the way you want whether that’s in your career, your finances, your business, or your kids attacking out; remember you may not have control over everything but you do have INFLUENCE. 

This episode is meant to empower you and remind you that no one in life, even a therapist, has everything figured out. We’re all still learning, experimenting, and experiencing life as we go. 

So if you’re in a season right now where things are feeling extra tough, we hope you’ll listen to this episode and feel a little less alone and motivated to keep showing up and pushing forward. 

We hope you enjoy this episode. 

Happy listening! 

Connect with Julia here: 

Website: https://juliakristina.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliacounsellor/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JuliaCounsellor

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/juliakristinamah

Buy Her Book: https://amzn.to/35FPKZg


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Thank you so much @purevegancakes for this awesome feedback! We’re so glad our Kayne Confidence Code episode resonated with you because we honestly had no idea how our listeners would receive it. Kayne is such a divisive figure that we were either gonna get a lot of listeners or a ton of people who scroll right past it. We’re glad you were able to understand the perspective we were coming from and we hope you take the practical tools and tips we shared and implement them into your daily habits and routines. Thanks so much for listening and until next time, PUSH through! 


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