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Leaving All Your B.S. in 2019

Dec 03, 2019

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Hey Friends! 

There is officially 28 days LEFT in this DECADE!!! 😱😰 Feeling stressed yet??? 


And if you said, YES, that’s okay! Because NOW is the time to really sit and REFLECT about this year and decide what you’re going to take with you into the NEW DECADE and what you’re going to leave behind! 


To help, I want to talk to you about the ABC’S! And no, I’m not talking about the alphabet 😂 I’m talking about “ALWAYS BE CLOSING”! 


During this most recent episode of the PUSH Podcast, we went in DEEP about the ABC’S, so if you want to listen in depth about those just make sure to head on over to the episode above! 


Back to the ABC’S and what this means for you and reflecting on the year, you should be using your “ABC’S” to determine HOW you’re going to close out the year!

So let’s get into it… 

Starting with “A”.
A- stands for ACKNOWLEDGE, ACHIEVEMENT, and AWARENESS! Acknowledge WHAT you did in 2019! What things served you? What things didn’t serve you? 🤔 What things made you feel like you were #WINNING? 


What achievements did you accomplish? I’m not just talking about this year but this DECADE!!! 


You may be feeling like the season you’re in right now is really shitty and your life sucks, but DON’T let yesterday, last week or last month, DEFINE your entire year! Because, I promise, when you sit down and really think about what you did this year; in reality it’s not as bad as it seems! This is WHY, I preach about ACKNOWLEDGING those “KEY WINS” everyday! It not only helps when REFLECTING but it really keeps you GROUNDED in GRATITUDE! 


Which leads me to Awareness- what things have you become more AWARE of over the course of 2019? Have you beliefs evolved or are they limited? Have your actions hindered your relationships?


You have to take INVENTORY around your self-awareness! 


If you're asking, “Well how do I take inventory of that?” Awareness is another word for INTELLIGENCE! Take a look inside yourself and question, “What did I show up for”? How did I show up for it? What made it work? Why did it NOT work? 


These questions are what you have to ASK in order to MOVE FORWARD and ACCEPT what season you’re currently in! 

“Acceptance is not recognition” 

Once you ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE, what you’ve learned in 2019, we now have to BUILD on what we learned about ourselves! 


Did you build GREATER self awareness? Did you build a BETTER MINDSET? Did you build meaningful relationships? Or maybe you even helped BUILD someone else up this year? 


Whatever it is you built on, it probably took BRAVERY to do! Remember being a kid, when we all had no FEAR? You didn’t have S**T to worry about! 😅


Being BRAVE doesn’t have to mean doing scary ass s**t all the time…


BRAVERY can mean doing something you’re unfamiliar with…

BRAVERY can be doing something for the first time… 

BRAVERY can be letting go of something that has been holding you back because it no longer serves you… 


So if you’re reading this, I challenge you to LIST all the things that have been holding you back from being BRAVE this year… 


Because I promise, the things that have been holding you back are probably the things that BOTHER you with taking that leap out of that comfort zone and being open to vulnerability! 


So acknowledge, what BOTHERED you? Why did it bother you? But also; what things did YOU do that bothered you! 


Maybe it’s not accomplishing that weight loss goal? Or maybe it’s not reaching that financial goal! 🤷 And that’s okay… BUT you need to be aware of that and WHAT you can do moving forward to make sure you BREAK that cycle! 


Ask yourself, “What happened and what did you make it mean?” 

Lastly, “C”...
C- stands for CONGRUENCE & CUT! 


What commitments were you congruent with in 2019? How did you follow through with those goals throughout the year? 🤔

And friend, let me tell you; CONGRUENCE is all about self awareness! So if you haven’t done “A” then you can’t do “C”! 


When you’re thinking about congruence, you also have to think about WHY you might not have been on top of those commitments you made! 


The truth behind congruence is having the FAITH that whatever you believe you will get! I’m talking AFFIRMATIONS friend!! 


And if you don’t have congruence with your goals, then I’m telling you, you’re walking with FRAGILE FAITH and you’ve gotta move past that mindset if your gonna get anywhere towards your goals! 


My last tip for you- CUT! You gotta cut out all the B.S.!!! It’s that simple! Cut out the people, the WORK; anything that is no longer serving you and your goals in this season! 


My hope is for you to become more BALANCED and more PRESENT in this new decade because FRIEND; life is short and it’s time to take out the TRASH and leave the B.S. in 2019! 


So… what will you leave in this decade? What season do you HOPE to enter next year? 


Whatever it is, I pray that you take these ABC’S and really SELF REFLECT before this DECADE comes to a close! 

Happy reflecting friends! 




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