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Random Sh!t With The Copelands And Jess!

Jul 21, 2020

Being stuck in quarantine has resulted in some very unpredictable behavior from the Copelands! Am I alone in this? 


Ever since quarantine started, Eddie and I have been doing things that are way out of our character! We’ve been watching t.v. (which normally NEVER HAPPENS)! I’ve been gardening, which if you’ve asked me at the beginning of this year if I considered myself to have a green thumb, I would have called you INSANE!) And Eddie has been playing basketball! Honestly, WTH is going on! 


I don’t know what this world is coming too but ever since this quarantine has started, I’ve been learning things about myself that I never knew I had in me; and to be honest, I’m all for it! 

This week on the podcast we’re getting REAL about our current obsessions and just random sh*t we’ve been experiencing during this quarantine. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Janelle’s current obsession with succulents (02:03)
  • Eddie’s obsession with history and playing basketball in the sun (08:09)
  • How to handle going through a rough patch in marriage (11:06)
  • Having individual aspirations and not losing yourself in a marriage (12:43)
  • Finding your own happiness in marriage (13:24)
  • Breaking a relationship that is not working in order to fix it with a  new understanding (21:00)
  • Communicating about any issue in a mature way in a marriage (24:31)
  • Find out the superpower Eddie and Jess wish they had (28:04)
  • Dinner guests Janelle and Eddie would want to meet (29:00)
  • People we would want to trade lives with for 24 hours (30:50)

We had such a fun time recording this episode with my sister Jessica! We discuss our brand new hobbies we’ve adopted during quarantine, some weird shit we’ve seen lately, and we answer rounds of rapid fire questions! 

We hope you enjoy this week's episode! 

Happy Listening! 

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