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You’re GONNA BE OKAY! With Kaylah Copeland

Jul 07, 2021

Have you ever wanted to take a leap of faith, make a big move or leave your career; but you let fear hold you back from making the decision?

At the end of our lives, you’re going to start to think about all the things we’ve done and the things we WISH we did. It’s those regrets that hang around like a dark cloud over us as we live out our lives. 

That’s why the lesson of pursuit despite the unknown and fear is something we all need to learn and take notes on. 

This week we’re welcoming our middle daughter, Kaylah, to share her decision to leave the United States and move to Scotland to pursue her dream of theater. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • WHAT IN THE WORLD (6:36)
  • WHY Kaylah made the decision she did (19:28) 
  • Being messy is a characteristic of a successful person (27:32)
  • Why adults ask dumb questions (31:48)
  • Why FEAR shouldn’t impact your decision to do something new (35:55)
  • Living with regret (37:18)

Her take on pursuing HARD, SCARY THINGS is a lesson we all need to hear and practice! Fear is debilitating and something that holds us all back in one way or another. But it only takes one decision to combat fear and change your entire outlook on what fear really means and how it impacts your life. 

Friends, if a 17-year-old can convince herself that she’s “GONNA BE OKAY” in another country, over 5,100 miles away, without her parents, without her friends, in a new culture, then I’m pretty sure YOU can do things that are outside your comfort zone too! 

Listen in to hear how to combat fear when in pursuit of your goals! 

Happy listening! 


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