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Haters Gonna Hate with Ashley & Steven Evans

Jul 20, 2021

Haters are ALWAYS gonna hate… but you can’t let them convince you that your message isn’t one worth sharing. 

This week we’re so excited to welcome our new besties, Ashley and Steven Evans! Eddie came across the Evans on TikTok and once we heard their story we knew we just had to bring them on the podcast! 

Ashley and Steven have a community of 800K followers on TikTok where they share behind-the-scenes moments of their mixed-race family. Considering the racial climate right now in our world, we found their message and platform so inspiring and we hope you guys fall in love with them just like we have! 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed with Ashley and Steven...


  • Meet Ashley and Steven Evans (05:00)
  • Struggling with infertility and deciding to go for adoption (07:53)
  • What in the world is wrong with people (13:45)
  • That baby ain’t yours (16:26)
  • How amazing having a multicultural and multiracial family is (22:44)
  • The reality of raising a black boy in 2021 (28:14)
  • Equipping kids to deal with racism (35:54)


Dealing with negative criticism is hard enough for one person to deal with, but imagine your entire family being criticized because you’re just being real and showing it means to be a family in current-day America. 

That’s what the Evan’s family faces on a daily basis. So many people, not just business owners and brands, seek popularity on social media but don't realize that with popularity comes criticism.   

For the Evan’s, one day they just posted a viral dancing video with their newly adopted son, who happens to be black, and their TikTok grew overnight! As their follower base began to grow, so did the haters. The Evan’s always approached their content with a light-hearted approach while sharing the blessings of adoption. 

This just shows that even when you share constant positivity in the world, even the haters will come out. 

Listen in as we discuss Ashley & Steven’s adoption journey, the dynamics of having a mixed-race family, and how to handle the haters. 

You can follow Ashley & Steven on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/happilyevansafterr/

Listener Of The Week 

Thank you so much for your kind words, Jamison. We’re so glad that you enjoyed this episode and we’re so thankful for your support! We will definitely be updating all our followers and listeners on her journey! The countdown is officially on! Thanks so much for listening and keep pushing through! 


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