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Punishment Or Preparation? 40 Years of Pushing Through With Dr. Jim Reeve

Feb 11, 2020

Faith is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Either you’re a BIG believer in faith, you have some faith, or you don’t have faith at all. It’s really up to the individual. However, for me, faith is something that has kept me in constant gratitude and has been something I have turned to in times of struggle, animosity, and fear of failure. 


We all turn to faith for different reasons, whether we do or not. 


This week we’re diving into the idea of faith with the help of our guest, Dr. Jim Reeve. 


Jim is the founding pastor of Faith Community  Church, which has served his community for more than 40 years! 


Not only has Jim had a HUGE impact on our lives, but he was an influential part in saving our marriage years ago. 


Being that this is the Push Podcast, we’re not only going to touch on his spiritual side but we’re also gaining insight into his approach to life and his greatest influences. 

To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed…

  • Meet Dr. Jim Reeve and the things he had to push through (01:12)
  • In the high points and the low points, you got to reach to your core (06:36)
  • Why do we grow more in the valleys that we do on the mountaintops (12:06)
  • Is it punishment or preparation (14:21)
  • The keys to handling rejection and failure (17:32)
  • Dr. Jim on losing his temper (23:53)
  • Channeling your nervousness and other feelings into energy (28:16)
  • The more you succeed, the more they’ll hate. Dr. Jim addresses haters (32:24)
  • Moving comparison into admiration (35:05)
  • Who are Dr. Jim’s heroes and all-time favorite pushers (44:38)

We hope you all listen to this episode with an open mind and an open heart! Hopefully it will serve you and offer insight into how you view faith and your journey through life. 


Happy Listening! 

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