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We’re Surrounded By Idiots!!!

Mar 17, 2022

I want to be clear that we don't think anyone's an idiot. We're just not those types of people. So if you clicked on this blog post to hear some, then friend, I’m sorry, this isn’t the blog for you. 

If you know anything about us from Instagram, Facebook, in real life or even if you've been listening to the push podcast for a while, you know that our entire segment on what in the world is literally our way of being curious about dumb shit that people do, that we think might be kind of dumb or odd. But it's still us showing up in a way that's curious! 

That’s really what this episode of the PUSH Podcast stemmed from; curiosity around how people act and communicate. 

So, I wanna ask: do you solely hang out with people who have similar beliefs to you? It’s tempting to always surround yourself with people who have the same personality type as you. You fire each other up, you push the other to make decisions and take actions you would normally make, and you tend to agree with that person on most issues.  

But sometimes, constantly surrounding yourself with people who are exactly like you is what's holding you back from achieving that next level in your life. 

In comparison, hanging around people who challenge your belief, who offer you a different perspective, and who you may think is an “idiot” are often the people who are going to help excel in more areas of your life than none. 

In this episode, we wanted to share some insights we picked up from the book Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson. In the book, Erikson breaks down 4 personality types that we all should be aware of and work to better understand. 

 Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • The 12 skills you need to be great in life (05:16)
  • Do you hang out with people with the same beliefs as you (12:19)
  • Why you need people you conflict with (18:51)
  • The 4 personality types (27:27)
  • How to interact with different personalities (35:00)
  • Join the Pusher Society (41:17)

I know interacting, connecting, and forming relationships with people who are different from you can be intimidating and scary. In fact, sometimes in order to interact with people who are different from you, you need to understand different personality types. 

Not everyone you come across is going to be exactly like you so understanding the different personality types can give you a greater insight into how to approach and build connections with these individuals. 

So friend, I want to remind you that when people piss you off, make you angry, or maybe they just rub you the wrong way, keep in mind that you never know what someone else is going through or how they were raised. Don’t be so quick to call them an idiot and instead, be kind, be gentle, and just keep your distance from them.

We talk in-depth about conflicting personality types, and what you can learn about YOUR OWN personality in this week’s PUSH Podcast episode! 

Tune in and happy listening! 

Download Your Copy of “Surrounded By Idiots” by Thomas Erikson here: 

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