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What In The World! The New Normal

Apr 21, 2020

Are we experiencing a new normal??? 

As this pandemic continues, are you finding yourself adjusting to a new way of life? Or are you struggling with the changing rules and regulations that we’re being faced with? 


If you heard our “What In The World” episode, then you know “what in the world” is Eddie’s go-to saying when things are out of the ordinary, weird, or just uncomfortable. 


This week it’s a “What In The World” 2.0 as we adjust to this “new normal!” We’re sharing our tips on HOW we can create a sense of normalcy and adapt to the drastic changes that are taking place on a daily basis. Plus, we’re sharing some weird and just plain awkward scenarios that we’ve encountered since all of this has taken place. 


To give you a better idea here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • Our weirdo magnet family and Eddie’s what in the world experiences (02:08)
  • Getting Corona on his fingertip and everywhere else (03:20)
  • Trying to be safe but having a hard time with all the paranoia (08:41)
  • The ridiculousness of businesses that don’t have online payment options for customers (12:22)
  • How the companies that raise their level of customer service during this time of crisis will be remembered (16:28)
  • The struggles and vulnerabilities that seniors are going through (17:48)
  • The selflessness that the Coronavirus pandemic has inspired in people and how well we’re adapting (21:33)
  • Planning your days and weeks to create some normalcy at home (25:58)
  • Developing something new that you can continue with after the pandemic (31:32)
  • A great time to save money and work on our finances (33:16)


This pandemic is hitting all of us differently. Some of us are trying to do EVERYTHING we can to stay safe by not leaving our homes, some of us are risking our lives on a daily basis because our jobs are “essential” and some of us are trying to find new ways to serve our friends, families, and communities. 


Hear our story on how we’re adjusting, things we’re struggling with, and HOW we’re creating a sense of normalcy for our family during this week's episode. 


Happy Listening and STAY SAFE! 

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