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Questions, Christ, And A Quarter-Life Crisis - with Morgan Richard Olivier

Jun 22, 2021

As women, we often subject ourselves to comparison, self harassment, perfectionism, and when I see someone who’s WINNING at navigating those challenges I have to meet them

I connected with Morgan Richard Olivier a couple months ago and after conversing with her and sharing our views on comparison and female empowerment I just knew I had to bring her on as a guest of the PUSH Podcast. 

So this week, we’re welcoming Morgan and sharing our conversation on healing, self love, and what it means to be a woman empowered! 

Here’s a breakdown of what Morgan, Eddie, and myself discussed…

  • How to overcome self-harassment (11:11)
  • Breaking the cycle of anxiety and depression (15:47)
  • Finding healing in church (21:15)
  • Destination depression – Learn how to find fulfillment in the journey (24:13)
  • Rituals and habits for success (41:58)
  • Shed some skin- it’s okay to outgrow friends (43:54)
  • Nothing in life is wasted (47:29)
  • It’s never too late to make a difference (48:07)


Morgan is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who uses her writing as a form of self-therapy. Today she’s sharing her message of self-acceptance by embracing progress over perfection; something we continually preach on the podcast! 

If you’ve ever struggled with comparison, imposter syndrome, anxiety, overwhelm, and negative self-talk, then this episode is for your friend! 

Listen in as Morgan takes us through her inspiring journey of overcoming anxiety and depression to spreading empowerment through compassion. 

Happy Listening! 

*p.s. We’re giving away three copies of Morgan’s latest book, Blooming Bare. Tune in to learn how you can get a copy! 


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