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Delayed Gratification and Manifestation: The Power Of Resilience!

Mar 16, 2021


Are you the type of person who’s big on impulses? Or are you the type of person who waits and waits and waits until the moment is right? 

This week we’re diving into the concept of delayed gratification and how resilience can take you to where you’re meant to be. And when coming up with the topic for this week’s episode we couldn’t think of anyone better to join us other than our girl, Jessica Banh! 

Jessica, is one of our former Passion To Profit students who just celebrated her GRAND OPENING, after a 9 year journey! From working from home to a monumental grand opening, we’re breaking down how she persevered through life’s challenges and kept her vision clear on her goals. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Why you first need to get your basics/fundamentals right (07:42)
  • How Jessica grew her revenue from $60K to $180K from home (13:35)
  • Growing a social media following relevant to your business (15:35)
  • The journey from Homefront to Storefront (16:49)
  • Delayed gratification at its finest (22:26)
  • The power of intention and goal setting (34:07)
  • How to set and hit monster goals (43:49)
  • There is no reward for doing it all alone (45:00)


In the last several episodes, we’ve been talking about delayed gratification and how it helps in developing willpower and self-control to achieve your goals. 

Delayed gratification starts with having a vision or goal that you envision for your life. The shitty party about it is that you have to wait and wait and sacrifice until it’s your time. That’s why Jessica was the perfect guest to bring on today! Not only did Jess set monster goals for herself, but she also acted with so much intention towards those goals that she didn’t settle for anything less. 

But like ALL of us, life hits us at the most inopportune moments and Jessica has had her fair share in her nine year journey to get to this point of opening her dream bakery! 

Tune in to hear Jessica’s story of perseverance, hard work, and pushing through obstacles in this week’s episode! 

Happy Listening! 


You can find Jessica: @officialfancyflavors on Instagram or go to


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