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What You Make Things Mean, & How It's Hurting You

Oct 26, 2021

Have you ever questioned what type of life you want to live? 

Not just in terms of money or family, but in terms of peace, stress, or happiness? 

Figuring out your priorities and what aligns with the type of life you want to live is crucial to how you view the world and the perspective you have of it. 

An important aspect of learning this is accessing the meaning that you apply to different scenarios and situations and how it impacts how you perceive the world. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…

  • Eddie’s and my what in the world (01:29)
  • You catch more bees with honey (08:09)
  • Shifting your perspective (12:58)
  • Are you making things permanent when they’re not? (14:11)
  • Don’t speak in absolutes (15:28)
  • Pervasiveness – avoid blanket judgment (16:29)
  • Personalization – you are not the problem; your behavior is (26:26)
  • What’s easier to change – your behavior or you? (31:36)

In this episode, we’re challenging you to shift your perspective as you think about how you react in situations that could be unfavorable or piss you off, and how your emotions interfere with the type of life you want to live. 

The point we want you to remember is that life isn’t always going to go your way. You have the power to either take the situation for what it is or you can let it take over you and impact your entire perspective. 

Don’t let a temporary situation rob you of your joy. Listen in and hear the three ways you could be perceiving the world and how your perception may be hurting you. 


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