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Stuck AF, How To PUSH Through

Nov 05, 2019

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With this DECADE coming to a close, it's easy to get STUCK in a routine! 


It's easy to fall into this feeling of hopelessness… 


It’s easy to fall into a NEGATIVE state of mind that NOTHING is going to happen for you… 

That you’ll NEVER get out of this season… 


Constantly living in the “what if” or “when will this” happen, questioning EVERYTHING you’ve done up until this point!


If your feeling like this, STOP NOW and listen… 


We’ve ALL been there! It may feel like this season will never end but it WILL! And guess what, It’s not impossible to get out of...


But I promise you will NEVER get out of this state of mind until you are READY to receive what you are ASKING for! 


You not only have to PREACH it but you have to ACT on it! Now you're probably wondering HOW to do that? 


Well i’m here to tell you… 

  1. FOCUS on your self-awareness by asking yourself the RIGHT questions! 
  2. It’s going to take MORE than a pedicure to get unstuck!
  3. Look at your life and FIND out what EXCITES you! What motivates you? 
  4. Bring your newly discovered SELF-AWARENESS to the negotiation table! What do you have to give up or sacrifice in your daily life in order to MOVE FORWARD! 
  5.  IDENTIFY your comfort zones and stop skipping reality! Don’t be scared to be UNCOMFORTABLE!
  6. LET GO of some control and start delegating more!
  7. REACH out to others and let go


Once you ADOPT these key tips and ACKNOWLEDGE what you’re doing RIGHT NOW, you'll be able to DETERMINE what steps you NEED to take in order to get UNSTUCK and MOVE FORWARD… 


I hope these tips help you discover and re-evaluate what you NEED to do in order to get to that next phase in your life! 


And remember, it’s OKAY to not have everything figured out.. 





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