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Are You Passing Or Failing At Life Right Now?

Feb 04, 2020

Do you ever just wish you had someone or something to help you stay accountable and keep on track with your goals? 


Unless you’re involved in a higher level coaching, mentorship program, or even school; you probably don’t have anyone or anything keeping you accountable besides yourself and maybe your loved ones. 


If you struggle with keeping yourself accountable and staying on track with your goals, then you’re in luck because Eddie and I have come up with our own rendition of an “Adult Report Card” to help you gauge whether you’re currently passing or failing through life! 


Now is the perfect time to REVISION your life and see where you’re falling in categories like: 

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Self-Confidence 


By diving into these various life categories, we want to PUSH you to take ahold of your life and really focus on where you can improve to help take you the next level of your personal growth. 


By evaluating yourself,  this will create a deeper sense of accountability when it comes to your decision making and where you stand with your life goals! 


To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed…

  • Get out of your rut and start participating in the pusher society (01:18)
  • What in the world: dealing with the lack of social courtesy (08:47)
  • Where did the concept of adult report cards come from (17:43)
  • Looking for accountability as an adult (22:39)
  • Communication skills and relationship management (29:02)
  • Creativity and finding a workaround (30:58)
  • Decision making (33:09)
  • Initiative, drive, and motivation (35:58)
  • Leadership qualities (37:47)
  • Self-belief, self-confidence, self-efficacy (39:56)
  • Productivity planning and time management (43:39)
  • Personal achievement and goal attainment (45:12)
  • Dedication and focus (47:39)
  • Social maturity (49:21)


And in case you need to check yourself on occasion (like in SCHOOL), make sure to download your FREE copy of our Adult Report Card here:

Download our Adult Report Card Here!

If you know someone who needs a REALITY CHECK quick and fast, make sure to share and send them here so they can download their FREE copy too! 


We hope this episode serves you on a deeper level and inspires you to really take hold of your life and start becoming accountable for your actions. 


Happy Listening friends! 


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