How To NOT LOSE YOUR SHIT! - Simple Strategies To Help You Hold It Together

Feb 08, 2022

Question: What do you do when something terrible happens to you? 

Do you let it consume you? Do you immediately go from level 0 to level 12? Or do you acknowledge the challenge or obstacle and move on? 

I ask you this because we'll inevitably experience bad situations/inconveniences in life. But how we react and the meaning we give to situations sets the tone for how we deal with them. 

 In this episode, we discuss how recently, we dealt with an unfortunate situation. And we wanna provide a few simple tips to help you push through tough moments in life.

 Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • What in the world (01:36)
  • Finding graffiti all over our house? (09:32)
  • Don't hoe for a good day – make a good day (28:32)
  • Strategies to not lose your shit (29:58)
  • Focus on finding the good (31:32)
  • Things work out when you don't overreact (41:55)
  • Decide on what to focus on when faced with an unfavorable situation (46:42)
  • What meaning are you giving to things (47:59)
  • Met people where they are at (53:32)
  • Bad stuff will happen, learn to give less fucks (56:26)

As you've probably heard hundreds of times in the intro to the PUSH podcast, Eddie and I are here to help you get your shit together and not lose it over some mundane stuff.

We’re here to offer new perspectives and tips to approach challenging situations. 

What we’ve found in our experiences is that so many people are ticking time bombs just waiting to explode upon the slightest trigger.

 I feel as though we all know of someone who lost their cool in a situation that was not worth it, which ended up costing them in the long run.

 We don't want you to be this person! We want you to preserve your mental energy to focus on things that really matter and the things that you can control.

 So listen to this week’s episode to hear some simple tips and perspective shifts to help you overcome obstacles when you feel like you’re going to lose your shit! 

Happy listening! 

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