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10 Micro Shifts That Can Make A HUGE Difference In Your Life!

Dec 10, 2019

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Have you ever thought about what things YOU could accomplish, if you dropped the B.S. and really thought about what habits you should drop and which ones you should keep? 


Do you wish you could accomplish all those goals you just thought about overnight? 


Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that; but YOU can adopt small habits that will result in MASSIVE change over time! 


Believe it or not, trying to make a massive change immediately can result in NEGATIVE results! You’re probably asking why that it is? 🤔 Because, as individuals, if we don’t see results overnight we get discouraged! We wanna quit. We feel like we’re wasting our time. But friends, I’m here to tell you everything takes TIME! 


So wouldn’t you agree, small change that results in massive growth sounds better than massive change that ends in nothing? 


That’s why this week on the Push Podcast we’re talking all about 10 micro shifts you can make in the next decade to see MASSIVE GROWTH in your life! We’re going to teach you HOW to build a solid roadmap to meet your goals through various SMALL steps that you can actually do in 2020! (or NOW if you’re a go-getter)


We’re covering all the different areas in your life, including fitness, finances, awareness and that’s just the start! If you’re ready to crush all your goals in 2020 you NEED this list now!

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed… 

  • Shift 1: Starting a micro-shift workout challenge (10:53)
  • Shift 2: Making healthier food choices (14:19)
  • Shift 3: Learn how to be more present (20:43)
  • Shift 4: Take social media breaks (24:16)
  • Shift 5: Be in intentional practice or in rehearsal of something (32:26)
  • Shift 6: Practice daily gratitude (39:52)
  • Shift 7: Checking your energy (45:36)
  • Shift 8: Adhering to a budget (50:56)
  • Shift 9: Take and spend only what you need (53:03)
  • Shift 10: Trade TV time for learning (55:51) 


You can download our list of 10 micro shifts below to help you get started to PUSH through this next decade! 


We hope you LOVE this week’s episode.

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