Feb 18, 2020

Do you ever stop and wonder, “WHAT IN THE WORLD?” 


In short, “what in the world” is another way of saying, “what the hell,” or just simply wondering why a certain situation is happening! 


But when I sit here and tell you, we’ve had some of the world’s most INTENSE, BIZZARE, and just plain STRANGE “what in the world” moments, you probably wouldn’t believe me unless you actually witnessed what we’ve experienced! 


So this week we decided to tell you some of the WEIRDEST “what in the world” moments that have stood out to us over the past couple of years. 


Sit back, relax and maybe grab a drink or some popcorn cause you’re gonna wanna listen to this episode on REPEAT! 


To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of what Eddie & I discussed…

  • The origin of “what in the world!!!” (01:13)
  • The homeless guy inconvenient (05:33)
  • The lady with the street rat (09:24)
  • The time when Eddie and Janelle were really into meal preparing (12:17)
  • Go, little man, go! (15:38)
  • The Mexican bachelorette party (17:07)
  • Never ask how old you look in Nashville (24:44)
  • The types of people you find at networking events (30:00)
  • 6 steps to strategically sell anything you want and reaching out to people (35:23) 


And we wanna HEAR all about your “what in the world” moments! If you have a crazy story that has happened to you where you just said, “what in the world,” let us know and we’d love to shout you out on the next episode of the Push Podcast! 


Until then, keep PUSHING friends and happy listening! 


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