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Parents Just Don't Understand

Jun 08, 2021

Lately, we’ve noticed that parenting styles have changed drastically! 

So, this is a question to you if you’re a parent reading this; are we alone in this feeling? 

As parents to three girls, parenting has been such a HUGE role in our lives and so we found it fit that nearing 100 episodes that we share this part of us with you! 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Old school parenting vs. new-age parenting (02:30)
  • Expectations vs. restrictions and rules (05:26)
  • Closed mouths don't get fed (09:53)
  • Don't ask for forgiveness; ask for permission (15:18)
  • Fear vs. respect (17:51)
  • What children value above all else (22:53)
  • Impacting values on your children (27:42)
  • Getting out of parent's influence to learn new things and grow (36:06) 


This week we’re joined by our youngest daughter, Jordan, to help us breakdown old-school parenting versus new school. 

Lately, we’ve noticed a new generation of parents who have a completely different approach than how we were brought up and even how we raised our own children. 


Every child is unique which makes sense that every parenting style is going to be different. However, it’s your job as the parent to find what approach works best for you and your child. 

We’re not saying that our way of parenting is the “right way” or the “best way”; we’re sharing this because we want to offer insight into the perspective of the parent and that of a child. 

We hope you tune in as we break down our parenting style and how it differs from this “new school age” of parenting. 

Happy Listening! Push Through! 

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Thank you again so much for listening and taking the time to write this review! We hope you enjoy this week's episode! Push Through! 

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