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Stress, Depression, And The Holidays- How To PUSH Through!

Dec 21, 2021

It’s OFFICIALLY four days until Christmas and we cannot wait! This time of year brings so much joy to our family and we love being able to come together and celebrate. 

However, this time of year may not be as joyful for others as it is for us. 

For some the holidays bring on great stress, sadness, and resentment. 

Some people may be dealing with the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job, some may be feeling the financial burden of the holidays, while others may not get along with their family so they resent this time of year. 

The holidays can trigger different emotions for different people. Some may be like us, super festive and excited to do all the things; while others may feel the pressure and heavy expectations to show up during this time of year. 

This is why we decided to discuss the different perspectives and emotions that can come up during the holidays in the hopes that it will help you navigate uncomfortable situations and be more understanding of those who don’t find joy during this time of year. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…

  • What in the world (02:23)
  • Why the holiday season can be stressful to some people (06:39)
  • Accept that not everything will go perfectly (14:04)
  • How to navigate gift-giving (20:17)
  • Creating a budget for gifts (24:28)
  • Don't over commit yourself- do less (27:03)
  • Dealing with different family dynamics (29:38)
  • Plan adequately for holiday travel (38:27)

In this episode, Eddie and I take you through some actionable tips to help deal with all these stresses of the holiday season. These tips will help you feel more relaxed around this time and help you make the most out of your holiday. 

 Tune in to learn how to PUSH through the holidays without feeling drained and fatigued!

 Merry Christmas!


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