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Apr 13, 2021

Do you know what a red flag is? Well guess what friend... you have some! And so do we! 

Red flags as we all probably know them is in terms of relationships. We see them often, but never really acknowledge them until after the fact. And friend that’s a NO, NO! What you may not realize is that red flags pop up in our lives in other forms; not just relationships. 

Let me explain… 

We all have some type of emotional attachment to something that we might not even be aware of and how it affects us. You could be attached to the future, to an idea or dream, or even to an expectation. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed… 

  • Your business is not your baby - Don't get emotionally attached to it (11:43)
  • Why you shouldn’t fall in love with potential (22:12)
  • Do you follow emotion or logic to make decisions? (24:00)
  • Blinding of your reality- Are you seeing your present circumstances accurately (26:07)
  • You can't be happy without it (27:22)
  • You rationalize and suppress emotions (31:05)
  • Are you a person who practices avoidance often (35:59)
  • Why you should practice immense gratitude for the current moment (42:37)
  • Be in action to create something in your life that you can appreciate (46:44)
  • How meditation and lowering expectations help overcome attachment (48:08)

When we create attachments in our lives that in the moment they can bring us tremendous joy but they can also bring on sadness at one point or another. 

This episode is about identifying when these emotional attachments become unhealthy and how we can free ourselves from them to live a happier life. 

That's why we wanted to share with you some signs or red flags to look out for that signal emotional attachment. These red flags pop up through your patterns of thought or behavior. Once you become aware of it, you’ll be able to take action to disrupt it and move forward in a way that is beneficial for you! 

Tune in to learn the signs and ways you can let go and overcome these attachments.

Happy Listening! 


Listener Of The Week 

Thank you Carole so much for this sweet and simple review. We’re so glad you were able to connect with this episode. We knew by the tite that a lot of our listeners would be hesitant to listen but it’s such a powerful message that we think a lot of our listeners could benefit from. Thank you for listening and we hope you continue to PUSH through life’s obstacles and challenges with us! 

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