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Our Top 5 Parenting Tips!

Sep 28, 2021

Being parents to three girls is a HUGE part of our lives that we’ve shared on the podcast before. Recently we just celebrated a milestone of sending two of our daughters off to college (one in Scotland) and we’ve been asked by so many of our friends, “how it feels,” and “if we’re sad”?

Truthfully, there’s no sadness at ALL. Of course we will miss them and our house will feel a little bit more empty but the reality is, sending your kids off into the world without you is a part of life. 

We truly believe that our job as parents is to prepare and equip them for the outside world so they can experience life outside our home and handle the challenges that life throws at them. 

This week we’re sharing the top five parenting tips that we’ve followed over the years in the hopes that if you have kids or when you do, that you’ll be able to give them the tools and guidance they’ll need to succeed without you holding their hand. 

Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed…


  • Is the life of a person the reflection of a parent (04:33)
  • How to prepare yourself and your kids for when they leave (11:30)
  • When do you expose your kids to certain things (21:24)
  • Is it right for you to push your kids to leave home (23:56)
  • Clarity: Being clear on what you need from each other (29:57)
  • Offer guidance for your kids but don't fix things for them (35:10)


Friend, we hope you enjoy this week’s episode and find something of value that you can take-away and implement in your relationship with your kids. If you don’t have kids, we hope these tips can provide some insight into how the person you are today has been impacted by the relationship you had growing up with your parents or guardian. 

Happy Listening and PUSH through!

Listener Of The Week 

Wow! Thank you so much @purevegancakes for your awesome feedback! Episode 109 was such a fun episode to record and Eric was such an awesome guest with a ton of information that we knew our audience would LOVE. Manifesting your dream life is something a lot of people know about but don’t really understand how to bring it to life. We hope with this episode our audience was able to connect and understand the idea of manifestation at a simpler level. 

We’re so glad it resonated with you and pushed you to feel that you’re deserving of more, because we know that the universe has our back; it’s our belief and perspective that holds us back. 

We hope you love this week’s episode and continue to PUSH through life with us. #PushThrough! 

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