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Comparison Kills. Period.

Apr 20, 2021

Do you ever feel triggered when scrolling through instagram or by seeing someone else flaunt or act a certain way? Fact is, you probably have. 

Fun Fact about me… 

I’ve always wanted a Range Rover, don’t know why it’s just something that I’ve always wanted. When 30 year old Janelle would see someone roll up in a Range Rover I used to immediately hate on them because it was something I wanted. 

At the time, I was jealous, envious, and triggered. Fast forward to 40 year old Janelle, I’m cheering for that person in the Range Rover. Why? I realized that I was triggered because that person had something I didn’t. In reality, I don’t know the “behind the scenes” of how she got that Range Rover. I don’t know what she had to go through, what she sacrificed, or if it was a gift, or she was born into money; and I’ll never. The funny thing is that that Range Rover and whatever other version of success I was envious of, I had to learn that it was available for me too! 

I’m sharing this story with you because comparison kills. It kills your self worth, your self esteem, your confidence, and it turns your perspective into one of scarcity. That’s not what I want for you friend. So this week we’re diving into comparison and WHY it’s slowly killing you. 


  • The disabling power of comparison (13:50)
  • Comparison Vs. Admiration (16:32)
  • How comparison robs our joy and potential (21:42)
  • You don’t know the backstory behind someone’s success (23:55)
  • The definition of success (29:04)
  • Being a student rather than a follower (33:59)
  • Replace envy with admiration (43:54)

Social media and comparison go hand-in-hand.

The problem with social media and comparison is that people don’t post the “real” story or their 'grinding' on social media. We just see their highlight reel, their immediate successes. Which we then compare their success with our very own struggles. This comparison then lowers our self-esteem, our self-confidence and ultimately destroys us.

The key to battling comparison is to find out where these feelings of jealousy and envy are coming from. Are these feelings coming from a place of envy? Are they coming from the realization that we are not working on the potential we know we have?

Once we understand this, we can then move from a position of comparison to admiration. Admiration allows you to see the highest qualities of that person so that you can possibly emulate those qualities as you pursue your own journey toward success. 

Remember friend, your journey is unique. What’s meant for you will happen for you. Your blessings have your name on them. No one can take them away from you. 

Tune in to hear Eddie and I discuss the dangers of comparison, why we do it, how it affects us and how to get to a place of admiration rather than comparison.

Happy listening! Push through! 

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