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4 Conversations You MUST-HAVE In Any Relationship!

Feb 22, 2022

It’s been awhile since we did a relationship/marriage topic on the podcast so in honor of Valentine’s Day just passing, we wanted to talk a little bit about relationships; specifically some of the most uncomfortable but necessary conversations you need to be having in your relationships. 


Here’s a breakdown of what Eddie and I discussed: 

  • Is therapy a good thing for couples? (07:24)
  • Growth comes from friction (09:18)
  • Absence makes the heart fonder (15:34)
  • A conversation about time and vacations (22:18)
  • How to approach the money conversation (28:44)
  • It all comes down to communication (34:48)
  • Defining36:5 inappropriate relationships (36:50)


For any relationship to be successful, there are certain conversations that you need to discuss with the other person in order to 1. Make sure you’re BOTH on the same page and 2. Figure out if you are even compatible. These conversations ensure that you have healthy communication and are discussing your own expectations throughout the relationship. 


These conversations are uncomfortable and require both parties to be open and be vulnerable, but ultimately, these conversations will strengthen your relationship in the long-run. By having these difficult conversations up-front, you’ll have a better chance at having a fulfilling relationship. 


Being in a relationship or marriage means that whatever you do directly impacts your partner. This is why in order to have a healthy relationship, effective communication is key.


In this episode, you’ll learn four of the most uncomfortable but necessary conversations you need to have in your relationship.


As we dive in we’ll explain why each of these are important, our experience, and how you can go about navigating these conversations. 


Listen in and let us know if this conversation/topic resonates with you!


Happy listening friends! 


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