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Chaos vs. Joy: How to PUSH through the Holidays

Nov 25, 2019

Guys! 😱


Let’s talk holidays! 

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the holidays! Decorating the house, spending time with family, and of course; the FOOD!! For me it’s all about FOOD and FAMILY! Seriously, I keep my Thanksgiving menu and grocery list in my phone 24/7, all year round! 


But with all the amazing things I love about the holiday season it can become chaotic! 

From the shopping, crowds, traffic and the MILLION things that seems like it needs to get done before the holidays; we can lose some of that magic and joy that comes along with the holiday season! 


For my family, we ALWAYS make it a priority to come together and spend as much time together during this time of year, especially with our busy schedules. 


With the chaos surrounding the holidays, I want to share a few of my tips and tricks to surviving the season!

As I mentioned before, FAMILY is a key part of the holiday season for me! One thing that I expect during the holidays is for my family to come together and celebrate as one! That is the only thing I ask during the holidays. But my family wouldn’t know that unless I made my expectations known! 


So tip #1 during the holidays, make your expectations known to your significant other and family members. 


If you don’t communicate your desires and needs for getting through the holidays, how do you expect for your friends and family to know? 🤔


Which leads me to tip #2! Get your friends and family involved! In my family, we always have our children cook and provide 1 item during our holiday meal! Jordan, my youngest daughter, is now a CHEDDAR BISCUIT pro! 😆


Since we’ve started this tradition, our kids have learned independence and feel like they can contribute to something during the holidays; especially when the holidays are centered around gifts. And being younger still, they aren’t rollin’ in the dough. 😂

And lastly, tip #3, remember during the holidays, it’s about SERVING others! What does it really cost you during the holidays that will bring value to others? For Eddie, it was putting up Christmas Lights at our house when the kids were younger even though he didn’t think it was necessary. Since then he’s come around to really loving decorating! He even bought hologram lights a couple years ago that got stolen 😂 (*but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear more about that story lol) 


You can SERVE by taking extra meals to homeless shelters or drive around and provide a meal for someone less fortunate. When you express gratitude for the things we have, gratitude can turn not enough into enough! 


“Gratitude can turn not enough, into enough” 


During this holiday season, I hope you take some of my tips to help you survive the holidays, whether it’s a joyful time or a more chaotic time for you! 


And I promise, there is a lot more I can tell you about holidays, but it all comes down to celebrating the season with those who matter most and doing what’s important to you. 


Take this time of year to be GRATEFUL, HOPEFUL, and LOVING no matter how difficult it can feel! And remember how BLESSED you really are! 


Have an amazing Thanksgiving everyone! 

From my family to yours 😘,


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