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4 ways I prioritize my growth as a small business owner and busy mom!

Dec 04, 2022

Running a business with huge dreams and big goals is amazing. If someone would’ve told me 13 years ago I’d be coaching small business owners and creators from all over the world how to build their OWN dream businesses, I think I’d say, “NO WAY,” but also do a little happy dance inside counting down the days til this moment came true. 

But focusing on my own dreams, while helping others achieve theirs, and trying to be a present mom can really take a toll on my own health- physically and mentally if I’m not careful. 

And to be completely honest, I’ve struggled in that area. Throughout the year I’ve gone through lots of ups and downs with my physical health. I’ve felt self conscious, I’ve felt like no matter what I do I can’t lose weight and I just feel like my body is changing and I don’t know what to do to figure it out. 

On the flip side, I’ve struggled with my mental health. Being a business coach and a mentor, I don’t get to hang out in an office with my team talking about everything that’s going on in the world. I don’t get to have the small talk that a lot of people have in their workplaces. Most days it’s just me, my computer, sitting in my office with a hot cup of tea. 

And it’s really lonely. 

To add onto all of this, I’m about to be an empty-nester and I don’t know if I’m ready… 

Maybe you can relate to this too? 

The bright side is I’ve recognized the things that make me unhappy and I’ve made changes. I’m excited to share the things that have helped me and I hope these things can help you too! 

1. Going for Daily Walks

Walking has been a complete game changer for my mental health as simple as it sounds. Being cooped up at home all day, I needed to find ways to clear my mind and step away from work. Because of the fact that my work is also my home, it’s really hard to have healthy boundaries around personal life and work life. By taking walks throughout my day, I’ve felt more energized, more excited, and more creative- which comes in handy when coaching my students. 

2. Moving my body every day

I know we all hear that we should move our bodies for at least 30 minutes a day but when you’re sitting at a desk most of the time throughout the day, those 30 minutes seem to go by slowwwwww. So I invested in Umay Walking Desk! It slides under my desk and so I can walk while I work. It’s INCREDIBLE and super affordable for a treadmill! 

3. Working out with my daughter

Idk about you mommas with older kids, but the older they get the more of a struggle I have getting them to hang out with me. So, to get in my workouts and my socialization throughout the day I started going to Orange Theory fitness. It’s a gym that does high intensity group workout classes and I’ve found it super helpful because 1)  it’s timed so I’m not spending forever at the gym 2) it’s in a group setting and I’m pretty competitive so it helps me to show up better and 3) my daughter has even gotten hooked on it so now we get to do it together. Which is a WIN in my book! 

Y’all I’m soaking up all the time I have left before she leaves for college. 

Now you’re probably reading this wondering when I’m gonna share something that will help you as a business owner- well here it is… 

4.I  make it a priority to INVEST in things that will help my business grow

You were probably expecting something like a magic tip or trick that will solve some of your biggest business hurdles, but really friend there is no magic missing ingredient that’s gonna solve all your problems. You have to invest in things that are gonna help you grow not only as a person but as a business owner. Cause when you invest in yourself, your growth, and your education- your business benefits from it. Your confidence grows and you know you’re capable of accomplishing amazing things and that energy and excitement you feel, spews over into your personal life. Making you a better mom, a better wife, and better friend. 

Those changes don’t come from learning the newest trend or investing in the coolest tools. But it comes from knowing that investing in your personal growth is directly correlated to the growth of your business. 

This is something that is extremely important to me because it not only changed the way that I ran The Cake Mamas for 13 years but it’s the way that I coach my students who are at the stage of trying to grow and build their dream businesses. 

With that said, the new year is right around the corner and I want you to invest not just in the material things but I want you to do something that's gonna help you grow as a business, as a wife, and as a momma. 

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I definitely did! And it’s something I would highly recommend NOT doing. 

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Oh, and we’re gonna share HOW you can do this without going into debt! 

Here's exactly what you can expect to walk away with inside this workshop:

  • What to expect when starting a business
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  • Different methods to secure funding


Each one of these workshops were made with YOU and other creative small business owners in mind. I used my very OWN experience of going from bankruptcy, to running two store fronts over 13 years, and compiled what I think is exactly what you need to help take your business to new heights in 2023 no matter what stage of business you’re in. 

I learned all this stuff I’m sharing with you the HARD WAY! And I want to share this with you now so you can hopefully avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls I made along the way. 

And believe me when I say that it’s going to save you from making mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars but make you SO MUCH more with the information I'm sharing with you. 

So, you can either decide to walk this business journey alone. 

Or you can do it with someone who’s been where you are, who's been where you’re trying to go, and who wants to see you succeed. 

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